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Friday, October 19, 2007

Design Contest

On Wednesday night I went to my knitting group. We started chatting about the Project Lincoln fashion show and contest. I was pretty sure I was the only one that entered. I started thinking really awful things--like they weren't going to give me the prize ($100 gift certificate) since I was the only entrant. I was planning revenge in awful ways--like blogging about how awful and terrible they are and how nobody should ever shop there...blah, blah, blah. I went into the store today to drop off a flier and double check about tomorrow and I was kind of ready to be disappointed with them saying that they are canceling everything and I can have my top back. I was mistaken.

I wasn't mistaken about being the only entrant. Alas, that is true. I was mistaken about expecting them to not give the prize. As soon as I came in they congratulated me and told me how great my top was. They were even nice enough to say that if there were other entrants I would have been hard to beat. I'm getting the gift certificate and they are going to publish my pattern for sale at the shop. Assuming it sells, I'll get a return on that as well. I'm still going to be there with my model tomorrow to take some pictures for the newsletter. We might have her do a little strut or two down the hallway. And that my friends, is how I became a knitwear designer*.

I'm going to need to name my top. I haven't really come up with anything substantial. I was kind of leaning toward naming it Heidi (because of Project Runway) but now I'm not so sure. I'm taking suggestions and if your name is chosen I'll be sure to send you something uber fabulous.

*Not a knitwear designer like Debbie Bliss. More like a knitwear designer one hit wonder like Kajagoogoo.


  1. Joanne3:19 PM

    Nice work! I think you probably have a few more designs left to create.

  2. Congratulations. I bet everyone heard you were entering and got scared.

    How about The Knitwit. Is that too obvious? What's your middle name? You could call it the Christy Jean or whatever you middle name is.

  3. No way are you a one hit wonder! I know you have lots of designs in you somewhere -- they're just coming out one at a time (which is very thoughtful of them, in my opinion).

    Congratulations! Enjoy spending your gift certificate.

  4. OK. Since I didn't have any daughters and you DIDN'T name your daughter this, I think you should name it Christany Ann.

    Congratulations! I'm so proud you're the winner.

  5. Oh, that's easy. You should call it wendysue! (Or maybe Kajagoogoo!)

  6. Janet8:30 PM

    Congrats! I know you will enjoy spending that prize money.

  7. How about A Night on the Town. It looks very fancy -- especially if someone wanted to wear in without the black top. Christy, you are da woman!! You are so creative -- there will be more!

  8. I was chatting with Catherine and she actually suggested "Weekend Brunch" because it sounds fancy and classy. ;) Kind of the same concept as Night on the Town.

  9. Congratulations! It's beautiful!