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Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Gift Guides

Last year I did some holiday gift guides. Did you all like those? I'm thinking about putting together some more this year. Any specific topics you'd like covered? Gifts for Foodies? Gifts for Geeks? Gifts for Me?

Speaking of gifts for me...I want this.
It's the GoWear fit system. I'm becoming quite health obsessed and think this would be really cool to track my calories and even my sleep! With the BetterU challenge, I already feel like I'm on the Biggest Loser. This will just add to the illusion. Because I want the display that goes with it, the total price goes up. And that is why, I won't be getting this for Christmas. Don't be too sad for me... I got a serger instead. I wonder how many calories I will burn while using my serger?

Stride Rite and Cyber Monday

I got most of my Christmas shopping for the kids finished last year by entering giveaways. Here's some info on a neat opportunity from Stride Rite that will be happening this weekend.

Stride Rite is celebrating Cyber Monday, this Monday the 30th, by holding a Fan Celebration Day on Stride Rite Facebook fans are invited to log on Monday, November 30th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST for hourly giveaways with amazing prizes including gift cards and gift bags from Stride Rite Children's Group brands including Saucony Kids, Sperry Top-Sider Kids, and more. There will also be a fan-only coupon for Cyber Monday shopping on and a mystery prize valued at over $600 that fans can enter to win throughout the day!

Global Influence is hosting a twitter pre-party on Sunday from 9-10pm EST. You can follow the #srCyberMon hashtag. You'll have the chance to win one of seven Stride Rite gift cards.

To learn more and/or RSVP, please go here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Losing More

I'm down 3 more pounds. That brings my grand total to 9. Certainly not Biggest Loser worthy, but not bad.

I'm not just losing weight, I'm losing my mind.

I think I can do everything.

I can't.

I'm going to spend this holiday weekend getting caught up on as many things as I can so I can make it through December. I'm about 60% sure I won't even be sending out Christmas cards. I'll be working in Grand Rapids, MI Dec 1-6. Then I'll be back in Chicago Dec 14-21. My January travel schedule looks as hectic (but more fun!) with a family vacation to WDW and also the Craft & Hobby Trade show in So. Cal.

I've also been spending at least 10 hours a week at the gym. I know I really need to do this and I'm (mostly) happy when I'm there.

I don't know where I'm going with this post. Another clear sign of losing my mind.

This doesn't need to be a complaining post. Because, I'm not. I just wish I didn't have to sleep. Seriously, how lucky am I?

I have an amazing career. I'm doing the things I've always wanted to do!
My family is amazingly supportive and awesome.
I have this great opportunity to participate in the BetterU makeover challenge.

Now I can just suck it up and do all the things I love!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tooth Fairies

I made a tooth fairy pillow last night for Caleb.  I explained the situation and the basic story over at

toothfairy and porridge papers 004

The kids loved the whole concept and it was fun to experience.  Even though Caleb's lost over 6 teeth, this has been the first one that has actually made it home.  

toothfairy and porridge papers 012

Today Eva wanted to dress up in our Halloween costume.  The war paint was courtesy of preschool.  She was quite the vision!  

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chicago Craft Trip

I got back yesterday from a great trip to Chicago. If you factor out the part where I went to the ER the night before (I'm fine) and being in pain the first couple of days (I'm better), it was a great time. I was there doing some work for Provo Craft doing some Cricut demonstrations. It was quite glamorous working in a Costco for 5 days. But, really, I had a lot of fun.

While I was there, I spent one morning at the Chicago Sewing Expo. I got to see several people I met in Kansas City and it was fun to talk with them again. I'm posting some videos and reports from that on

I'm sure you're really wondering how I did on my workouts and healthy eating. I posted a video blog on that very subject over at the BetterU site. Now that I'm back, I've had a really great day today. My coach had me do some spinning today. It was pretty difficult, but I survived. I also did really well today with my eating. So, I'm back on track.

Tomorrow I'll blog about the kids and their big news!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slow and Steady.

I weighed in at Weight Watchers this week and I was down .8lbs. That brings my total to just over 5 lbs. in 5 weeks. Not stellar, but it could be worse. I was hoping for at least double that. Maybe I should do more than just hope and actually track my points like I'm supposed to.

I met with the dietitian at LifePointe today. I mainly spoke with her about some coping strategies for when I'm not at home. She gave me some really great advice and instead of dreading what kinds of things I'll eat on this trip, I'm looking forward to it! I leave tomorrow for Chicago and I'll be there until Monday. I'll be working several hours a day in a Costco (glamorous, I know!) demoing the Cricut from Provo Craft. The rest of the time I'll be working out, working on Toolulu/, and hanging out with Sarah and Erin working on Craft Happening (more info coming soon on that one!).

I wonder how much weight I'll lose/gain this week? Care to take a guess? If anyone gets it right on the dot, I'll send them something awesome. Plus, it will give me motivation to actually make it to the weigh-in once I get back into town.

Oh, Crap.

Poop story to follow. You've been warned.

Caleb pooped in his pants yesterday. It has been over a year since I've had to clean up his nasty man poop. I was getting a little cocky having 2 kids that would pee and poop in the potty and not have nighttime accidents anymore.

Sufficiently humbled.

I'm also really proud of myself for the first (almost) six years of Caleb's life where I had to clean up his poop on a regular basis. I'm surprised I didn't go crazy. Oh wait. I did.

I'm (mostly) better now.

Assuming Caleb poops in the potty today.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Don't Cry

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Grandpa Nelson

Nelson (23)

Carl got back from  his Grandpa Nelson's funeral last night and had some great stories to share with me.  I'm going to have him write some of those here on the blog so we'll have them documented.  The photos are from our last trip to see Grandpa Nelson in July 2009.

Nelson (38) Grandpa could always be found with something in his hand - a tennis racket, fishing pole, gardening tool, or conductor's baton.  He was expert at all these hobbies (tennis, fishing, gardening, and music), and he achieved this by a combination of talent, love, and perseverance.  I never once came close to beating him at tennis - I have the love and a little talent but that's about it.  He also knew how to make other people happy, by telling stories/jokes or by providing loving service.  He was always giving away his beautiful flowers, and he was always out in the garden early in the morning gathering fresh berries so that he and Grandma could fix us all delicious hot breakfasts when we were visiting their home. 


Nelson (19) Grandpa was very focused on achieving his career goals, but still gave quality time to his family.  He grew up without much material wealth, the oldest in a family of 9 kids, but learned that by his industry he could be successful.  Despite financial obstacles, he was able to create an opportunity for himself to enter college, and while there, not only worked at various jobs but participated in theater and music on campus and in traveling shows.  He became interested in library science and later earned a master's degree in this field as well as an MBA.  He had decided that he wanted to become director of libraries at BYU, and although he was turned down for this job and others, he eventually found success by the old adage, "try, try again."  After being director of libraries at Eastern Oregon College and then earning his PhD at UC Berkeley, he gained a position at BYU and eventually achieved his ultimate career goal in the 1960s.  He remained in the director's position for the rest of his career, where he made many significant contributions to the university libraries.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

OU Football

I would be more excited for this game tonight if I wasn't alone. Boo. Hoo. It's not as fun cheering when there's nobody to cheer with. Alas, I'm hoping for a victory.

Here's a picture from last year's OU/UNL game. I was down in Norman and I went with my dad. It was a great experience to share with him. Especially since OU scored about every other minute during that game.
This is one of my favorite pictures from that night because I was zooming in to get Stoops and I got Caleb in the background. I may have to blow this one up and put it in Caleb's room someday. He loves OU football, too!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Five Years Later

I've been chugging away on this blog for FIVE YEARS now. I can't believe it. Seems like so long ago and just the other day all at once. Kind of like a kid. My middle kid. Younger than Caleb but older than Eva.

To celebrate, I thought I'd share five of my favorite posts. Some are funny, some are sweet, some are random. Kind of like this blog. Thanks for hanging in there with me, guys!

1. 100 Things About Me (written in 2005). For the most part, they all still apply. Number 91? Like I said, don't hold me to that one.

2. I Am, I Said. I love Neil Diamond. What can I say?

3. Pass the Doughnut. I haven't roller skated since and it was a good 18 months before my bum fully recovered.

4. The Life of a Champion. Gold medal knitting at its finest.

5. This Just In (or out). One of the greatest days of my life.

Honorable mention:
Choose to Rock! Pat Benatar concert.
1st Annual Girls Weekend. How much fun did we have?

Do you have a favorite post from long ago? Share it in the comments!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Big Loser

Last month I heard about the BetterU makeover challenge campaign put on by our local American Heart Association. They were going to pick 10 local women to participate in this challenge. I knew I had to apply. As soon as I got home, I filled out the application and hoped for the best. A couple of weeks ago I got the call! I made it!

Last night was our orientation. I met the other 9 women. We each have our own personal health coach. We met with a cardiologist. We had our blood checked. We got swag!

I really felt like this was as close as I would ever get to being on The Biggest Loser. I have so much support and motivation that I feel like I can't fail. These next 12 weeks are going to be tough but I've never been so excited to be a big loser.

Cross posted at the BetterU blog. Go and check out my progress along with the other participants and follow our stories!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Curlformers. More Than Meets the Eye.

When I was in Oklahoma, my sister and I went to Sally to get some cool hair supplies. We found these Curlformers and just had to try them. 

Here is my before picture.

oklahoma and halloween 003 

Then you put these curly-q doo-dads in the hair. 

oklahoma and halloween 010 I waited for a couple of hours for my hair to dry and then it came out like this:

oklahoma and halloween 014

I've curled my hair several times with these and I've seen the best results when using them on damp hair and letting them air dry.  The heat didn't work that great and overnight made me look like Annie. 

oklahoma and halloween 013 Oh so fancy. 

So, what do you think? 

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

oklahoma and halloween 026

Our day started off in the car.  We drove from Oklahoma to Nebraska.  It was as fun as it looks.

We hurried home so the kids could go to the trunk or treat at church.

oklahoma and halloween 028 Eva was a fairy princess and Caleb was a scarecrow.  They loved dressing up almost as much as they loved getting all that candy!