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Monday, June 30, 2008

Five Things I Want to Make

1. The perfect white dinner roll.

2. I Spy bags for the kids.

3. A fabric checkbook cover. Not quite like this one...but close.

4. $200.

5. A car organizer similar to the one in the link.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Project 365

Monday's Lincoln Safari pick at Mahoney Park. As you can see, they weren't that excited to have to pose for a picture.


My Talk About Tuesday picture.

Just a little something I'm working on. I'm using up some stash and apparently, it couldn't wait. I just had to start making it right then!


Caleb had some time alone with me on Thursday so we went out and got a cookie!

Here is Eva with her bear on the city bus.

My little knitting nook downstairs. I seriously need to go through it and put away the yarn that is leftover from other projects. Here you can see six hats waiting for the ends to be sewn in, my Unwrapped top, a couple of Lizard Ridge blocks to be seamed, a basket of random books, needles, and yarn, and some leftover sock yarn.

Daddy's home from camp so it was time for the kids to camp in the house again!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

SMART Habit Saturday

Any moment now Carl will get back from Scout Camp. We've missed him. Actually, the kids haven't asked about him at all. They are like that. When I'm gone they don't really ask about me, either. Oh well. I missed Carl a lot. He got to call for a few minutes on Wednesday but other than that, I haven't had any contact with him since Sunday.

I tried to use my time as wisely as possible this week. I actually did a pretty good job. It is amazing what I can accomplish at night when I don't have anyone other than myself to entertain. I also slept very little. I have a hard time sleeping while Carl is gone. Maybe today I'll get a chance to take another nap!


Cleaned up the toys downstairs
Dishes (this is HUGE for me)
2 loads of laundry
threw out a broken chair (had to do it while Carl was gone!)
cleaned out the refrigerator
grocery shopping
cleared off the kitchen table
took out a bunch of trash


Re-listed some items
I passed 50 sales this week!!!
Made 5 baby hats
Organized a meetup with the Lincoln Handmade etsy team
Started writing for Type A Mom.


Took two naps
Went out to lunch
Stopped drinking Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi
Found some games to download to my phone
Watched some movies (Marie Antoinette, Rent, and Memoirs of a Geisha)


I don't usually list what I do with the kids. This week we had a lot of outings so I thought I'd list the highlights:

Kung Fu Panda
Children's Museum (we rode the city bus to and from!)
Trendwood Park playdate
Lunch w/ Parker and Emma
Mahoney Park safari clue
Sonic Happy hour (about 3 days this week) for slushes

Did you work hard this week? Are you as tired as I am?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Type-A Mom

For the past week or so I've been kicking around the idea of being a mom-writer for Type A Mom. You get paid a percentage of the Google Adsense so when I was setting that up I decided to add it to this blog as well. I should be making pennies by the end of the month! But, seriously, I didn't decide to do it for the money. I thought it would be good fun to write some articles about things--you know, like I don't write enough about my life every day here on the blog. My first article was accepted yesterday. You can find it here. I should have another one up in the next day or two.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie Date

I took the kids to see a movie yesterday. We saw Kung Fu Panda. It was pretty cute. Not $17 cute, but oh well. We had to get out of the house yesterday to do something since piano lessons was canceled.

The highlight of the movie for me was my new favorite catch phrase.

There is no charge for my awesomeness or attractiveness.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Red Light, Green Light

The kids know that you're supposed to stop at a red light and you can go at a green light. The other day I was making a right turn at a red light and the kids started screaming saying stuff like, "Oh no! We're gonna crash!". I told them that sometimes you can go when it is red if you look both ways and make sure there are no cars or people.

Eva was relieved. She said, "No crash! That would break the car and no have tape!".

There you have it. It is okay to crash and break the car as long as you have tape to fix it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Talk About Tuesday

Let's talk a little about kitchen organization. Peter Walsh told me to organize my kitchen. This weekend I gave Carl a task and this is what we came up with.

This cabinet above our ovens is high and deep. I'm short so even on a step stool I can't reach the very back. We have been putting our cereal, oats, granola bars, and pretzels in there. When I asked Carl to empty it out so we could start fresh, there were EIGHT boxes of mostly empty Rice Krispies in there. They just kept getting shoved to the back and forgotten. There were lots of other things in there as well.

We brainstormed and tried to come up with the best way to utilize the amount of space and still make it accessible to a shorty like me.

Check this out. See that one box of cereal? Carl rigged up an undermount drawer thingie to some wood and came up with this!

There are 8 boxes total that fit on the pull-out. We are going to use the other side of the cabinet for oats and snacks but haven't quite figured out the best way for that yet.

This picture shows the other side where he attached a leftover piece of our bathroom vanity top to the side. This keeps us from pushing the boxes over too far so they won't slide in and out of the cabinet.

It isn't the prettiest of solutions, but it works for us!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just a little remote blogging this afternoon from Burger King. Their play area is more quiet and cleaner than McD's. The kids are playing hard and I've been knitting.

I'm Bored

Okay, not really. Not yet, at least. I'm trying to make a list of things I can do this week with the kids to keep them occupied.

This is all we have planned so far--

5:30pm playdate with a new friend (found via Autism Family Network)

8-2 Mary's house

10am Prescott library storytime
2:45pm Piano Lesson
3:45pm pizza night (we always get pizza after piano--Little Caesar's)

8-2 Mary's house


Daddy comes home!
3pm-7pm Stake activity-Island Getaway

We have the pool set up but they aren't very excited about it this year. I almost have to beg them to go out there. They aren't excited about any of our toys, either. That is, unless the other one has it.

In the two hours that we've been up so far---they've been really great. Caleb has played on nickjr and Eva watched an episode of The Backyardigans. That allowed me to eat breakfast, take a shower, and blog. Not bad.

Any ideas on what we should do this week?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Project 365


The bears were having a little too much fun at the tea party.


Eva got a little carried away with the crayons. Thank you, Magic Eraser.

Merry-go-round at Pansing Park.

McDonald's playland. My kids will do almost anything for a free kiddie cone.

"Waiting" at the AT&T store for me to get my phone set up.

A bunch of squares for the Lincoln Knitters charity afghan.

Eva having a fun time today after church.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

SMART Habit Saturday

I'm doing okay with my habit for the month---which is to use my "nanny" time wisely. I get 12 hours a week and I divided that time up into 3 sections: Home, Work, ME. Here are some of the things I accomplished this week.


Finally organized our bathroom. The floor is 98% finished so I figured I could take our toiletries out of a trash bag and put them into the baskets that go under our vanity now that the dust threat has been minimized.

Put away all of the sheets and blankets that have been piled up in the hallway.

Trying to keep my foyer under control. Came up with a plan to move our recycling bins into the garage instead of in our house right by the dining room table.

Clipped coupons and did a little grocery shopping.


Most of my free time this week has been spent on etsy. I've promoted my shop, I've done some trades with other etsy-ers, I've made some sales. I wrote an article as a guest blogger. All in all, it has been very productive.

I've also replaced a lot of the items that have sold so I've been making a lot of new things. I added some new cards that are donated through Etsy for Autism. I made over 60 glass marble magnets (sold 12 already).


I didn't do too much for me time during the week. I did indulge in a little Chipotle so that was good. Crafting is a great stress reliever for me so I didn't feel like I had to do anything else extra to give me a little boost. While I was crafting I finished up season 4 of Lost. Now I'm totally caught up. Bummer.

While I don't feel like I was extremely productive this week, I can see that I made a lot of progress and I know that I couldn't have accomplished all of this with the kids at home. Next week Carl will be at Scout Camp so those 12 hours are going to be even more precious to me!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Phone Home

I got this phone in the mail today courtesy of my mom. They wanted her to have a Blackberry at work so I get the "reject" phone. Sweet! I guess I'm going to need to learn how to text. :)

The Craft of Giving

For hundreds of years women have been using craft as a means to help raise money and awareness for charity. From quilt raffles to bake sales, countless lives have been touched by homemade goods. All it takes is a resourceful person to turn something made with love into resources for a deserving charity.

My interest in the craft of giving has increased even more since I have found a cause that I feel passionate about. It has raised my awareness of all the many ways that crafters are making a difference. If I'm looking for a gift, I prefer to purchase something that I love that supports a cause that I love.

Etsy users have banded together to use the site to raise money for a variety of charities. EtsyForCharity is a store devoted to raising money for different charities. This month all proceeds benefit UNICEF.

Most of the stores that are using their items for charity use specific tags for the searches. Feel passionate about breast cancer? You might find something like this pendant. Are you like me and support autism related charities? Check out this bracelet. Proceeds from this item go to a charity that funds teachers salaries in Zambia. How about some yarn for HIV awareness? What have you found?

Sometimes your craft can be your donation. Project Linus, Afghans for Afghans, and Warm Up America are just a few of those charities that accept handmade items. Most of these charities have specific guidelines for donations so if you are interested in contributing, please check before sending items that they will not be able to use.

For me, personally, being able to raise money for Autism Speaks and other autism related charities has given me some peace of mind in knowing that while I may not be able to control the autism, I can control what I do about it.

Next time you shop, try shopping with a cause and support the craft of giving.

*I thought I would go ahead and post this here on my blog as well so I will have a record of it here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here and There

I did a little post on The Craft of Giving over at Gifts Etc. Go and check it out!

Mommy Needs a Drink

I'm in the midst of my seemingly quarterly quest to give up the juice (wild cherry diet pepsi).

Wish me luck.

The image is from etsy seller hoodwinks. You can buy this item here. That is, if I haven't purchased it first!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?

I know this book has been out for a while but I just got it at the library yesterday and I'm really excited to read it. Word on the street is that it has some good ideas and strategies for getting your kitchen and pantry organized and making good family meal plans.

Have you read it? Do you want to?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Funny Stuff

I know I've already posted at least one of these pictures. This is how the kids came out to say goodbye to me as I left for my Girls Weekend getaway. I just don't have any other blog posts ready to go for today so I thought I'd distract you all with funny pictures of my kids.

The kids don't normally look like this on a daily basis. Usually Caleb doesn't have clothes on, either.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tea Time

In my ongoing quest to find the perfect teapot for me, I bring you this...

Found it.

I'm counting on nobody else to fall in love with it until I have enough paypal money to buy it for myself.

It would look SO PERFECT in my kitchen!

ETA: Now I don't know if I'm going to get this because I didn't think about it not being able to go on the stove! As much as I'd love to have my one teapot to rule them all---it seems a little frivolous to have this just for steeping and pouring. The search continues!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Every Limbo Boy and Girl

Saturday night was a big roller skating activity for the Autism Family Network here in town. If you are in Lincoln and are affected in some way by autism, SEEK OUT THIS GROUP! They have such great family activities and meetings and are just a great support to all the families in the area. They rented out Skate Zone for any of the families that wanted to come. My last trip there was quite memorable so I made sure to stay off the skates this time. The employees were so kind and very accommodating. They didn't put on the crazy lights and they kept the music at a reasonable level. They also didn't care if kids (or parents) were out there running around without skates. We just had to make sure we were going with the flow of the skating traffic.

Our kids LOVED skating! Eva's rollers were pretty tight so it didn't take her very long to venture off without holding on to anyone. By the end of the night she was lifting up one leg and trying to spin around like Ice Princess.

I had to take Caleb's skates back to be tightened because his first couple of times around about killed me and Carl. We couldn't hold him up. Once his skates were fixed he became a little more daring. He even played Limbo.

The kids got pretty good about going around the rink so I turned my attention to the raffles and silent auction. I bought 10 raffle tickets. I put them in the buckets for $25 to the movies, $30 to a hairstylist, $45 for a pedicure from heaven (my own wording). I won the haircut & style. AWESOME! It is for Classic Styles which is within walking distance of my house (48th & Calvert for the locals). The owner has a child with autism. I can't wait for my last haircut disaster to grow out enough to make it worth going!

They also had a bunch of t-shirts leftover from the walk that they were giving away.
I got 10. I gave some to the girls that go with us on our Safari outings and Mary.

There was also a silent auction for this quilt.
I won it. I'm almost embarrassed about how little I actually paid for it. I certainly could not have made it for that price. I absolutely love it and this quilt was actually the inspiration for finding the pattern and talking about it here.

It was an awesome afternoon and we had such a great time. It was an excellent way to celebrate Father's Day.

Project 365

I took Eva shopping for a super special gift because she is master of the potty! When we worked on potty training last summer (and even more recently as Jan/Feb) she wasn't quite ready. A couple of weeks ago I banned all daytime diapers and she decided that it was okay. I can't remember the last accident she has had. Caleb? Don't ask.

Summertime is here. We got out the waterslide that we "won" on one of our Lincoln Safari visits. They didn't quite get that you were supposed to run and slide. Their way of playing was probably safer---and more fun---for them.


These were the only pictures I took on this day. So, you get stuck with more bootie shots. ha ha.

We took the kids to Holmes Lake park on Thursday night. I love this picture of Caleb (and his "hair") and Eva (and her dolly) on their way to walk up the hill.

We got the kids together to do some Lincoln Safari clues on Friday. This one was at Stransky Park.

The Autism Family Network had a roller skating party on Saturday. It was such a blast. I'm going to write a blog post devoted just to that with all the details later today or tomorrow.


I did not make this quilt but I wish I had.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I just spent 4 hours knitting outside at the Haymarket Farmer's Market and I didn't take a single picture. It is World Wide Knit in Public Day today. There's still time for the rest of you to join in on the fun! Where will you knit in public today?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bountiful Booties

I've made (or just put the finishing touches on) 4 pair of booties this week. I worked on two pair of converse booties that are now in the hands of the USPS. I've decided that I'm not going to list those on my etsy shop for a while. I'm tired of making them for now. I've moved on. Now I'm all about the Mary Janes. Seriously. How cute are these? I've made two pair and I can probably eke out a third from my single skein of that yarn. One pair is already spoken for (a gift for a friend).

Did you even put booties on your kids? If you did/do, what kind do you like the best?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I feel like I'm back in Oklahoma when it seemed like every night during tornado season Gary England was on my tv telling people in Chickasha or Seminole to take cover and he'd keep us advised.

We've had some crazy weather around here the past couple of weeks and I have just been mildly annoyed that I haven't been able to enjoy So You Think You Can Dance.

Last night it hit a little too close to home. The tornado didn't, but this did. Some of the fatalities were scouts from Omaha. Carl will be at scout camp (not this exact one) in about 10 days. If there are any storms during that week someone better make sure I have enough ice cream and Pepsi to make it through!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Circus of the Stars

Do you remember that show? We had a few of the Circus of the Stars shows on VHS that we would watch. Brooke Shields riding a horse while standing up? Peter Scolari juggling? Such good stuff. Seriously. Why don't they have this show on anymore?


Celebrity Circus

Somehow I have a feeling that it just won't be the same. I wonder if I'll be able to resist?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time Flies

I'm about to go pick up the kids. I didn't get nearly as much done as I had hoped. Seriously, how can I fit everything in? I guess I can't.

At least the laundry is done.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Girls Weekend 2008


We got to Kansas City around 4:30pm and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn at the Plaza. I was really impressed with the hotel and the location. I will definitely consider staying there again. They had a shuttle that would take you anywhere within 2 miles of the hotel. That turned out to be well worth it!

We decided to check out the Nelson-Atkins museum first. It was pretty neat inside and out.I will admit that I was very disappointed in their textile exhibit. Oh well.

After the museum, we walked down to the plaza to have some dinner. Most of the buildings have gorgeous Spanish-style architecture. It was a gorgeous day.

We ate at Jack Stack's. YUMMMMMMY! Seriously, the best meal we had all weekend (in my opinion).

We both got the sliced meat plates and between us we shared all 5 different types of meat. The beef and pork were the best. The sides were TO DIE FOR! I got beans and the cheesy corn bake. The sides were the highlight of the meal, for sure!

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and crashed. We had to be ready for our big day!


I took hardly any pictures on Saturday because we just spent most of the time shopping. In the morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at Panera and then went to some of the shops on the plaza (namely Anthropologie and L'Occitane). Then we went to Briarcliff Village to meet up with Kerry and her friend, Kenzie. We ate lunch at The Cafe and then shopped. We went to Urban Arts & Crafts and I bought a book, Amy Butler fabric, and some stuff to make a bracelet.

We rushed off to get to Crown Center in time to see the Hallmark visitor's center before they closed. It was okay. I probably would have rather shopped more at Briarcliff Village but we didn't know.

For dinner we were back at the plaza and ate at Hibachi Japanese Grill. It was yummy and so much fun to see them prepare dinner right there in front of us (a lot like Shogun).

The highlight of the day (even the whole trip, maybe?) was when we went to Ernie Biggs.
It is a dueling piano bar in Westport. These guys were so good! They rocked out to whatever anyone thought of to request. Shannon and I requested "It's Raining Men" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". She took some video so hopefully she'll be able to post it on her blog sometime. I'll definitely link to it when she does. It got a little raunchy when they brought up the bachelorettes (there were about 10 bachelorette parties going on) but other than that, it was great entertainment! We'll be going back there, for sure. I already know what I'm going to request!


Sunday morning we went to brunch at Tomfooleries. It was so yummy! It was an all you can eat omelet bar and anything else you could imagine for a brunch. I particularly enjoyed the blintzes.
Here is another example of the Plaza's Spanish influenced architecture.
After eating, we met up with Kerry at the Mormon visitor's center in Independence. Since we weren't going to make it for church services, we decided to do the next best thing. It was a great tour and we had a fun time!

Ready for Girls Weekend 2009???? Put in your location and date requests now.