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Sunday, April 30, 2006


When? Cinco de mayo at 6pm.
Where? Mi casa nueva.
Why? Because I want to properly thank all of the people that helped us move...and eat tacos...and break a piƱata.

You all must know that in Mexico, at least where I lived, Cinco de mayo is just any other day. I think in Puebla it's a big deal since that's where the whole kicking France's butt took place. I think the restaurant business took over Cinco de mayo to promote their mexican food. That must be it. Cinco de mayo is a much bigger deal in the States than I ever saw in Mexico. Having said that, I don't care! We're having a party! Mark your calendars now.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


I think we're a sitcom waiting to happen. I've mentioned that we have an awesome back yard. The kids love it. Did I tell you that there is a hole in the fence to the neighbors on our west? It's their fence, not ours so I'm going to have to come up with a nice way to tell them to fix it. Anyway, they have 4 kids. The oldest is 19. The rest are six. Triplets. Girl triplets. The day we moved in they kept coming through the fence to ask if our kids could play. The kids were being watched by some friends that day so they weren't around. I told them to come back at 3pm. They came back. They played. It was fun. I told them it was time for them to go home. I also told them that our kids don't play on Sunday so they shouldn't come over the next day (plus, it was Easter). My sister was watching the kids in the morning so we could go to Stake Conference and actually pay attention. When we got home, I saw one of the triplets at the sliding glass door. My sister also said that they had come over earlier and wanted to play. I had to nip this in the bud. I went to see their mom.

Their mom is great. She apologized and told me that they aren't supposed to go through that hole in the fence at all! They weren't allowed when the other people lived here and they aren't now. They haven't done it since. Now they come to the front door and ask me nicely if they can play in the backyard with my kids and I'm allowed to tell them to buzz off if I want. I also found out that they aren't supposed to play on Saturday (they're Jewish...speaking of which, I told them that we're Mormons and think of the jokes that could be made about our street!).

There is another kid that lives a couple of houses down. He's about 12. He keeps coming over asking for jobs to do so he can earn money. I wouldn't mind if he came once a day. Nope. He knocks on the door about 4-5 times a day. It's majorly annoying and I told him to cut it out. Caleb tries to run out into the street any time I open the door and Eva tries to tumble down the stairs anytime I leave her to her own devices. I hope he stops soon. I don't feel like paying him to sweep my driveway although I am tempted to give him 25 cents a day to not knock on my door!

The good news? Caleb and Eva love playing with these kids. It really has been a blessing having some other kids around. They love running outside and messing around with them. It's exactly what I envisioned having kids would be like---them playing with the neighbor kids in the backyard eating popsicles. Now if only I could keep them from teaching Caleb how to wrestle even better than he does now...

Friday, April 28, 2006

Pack Ratitis

We're still in "discussions" over the many things that need to be thrown out or given away. Things haven't turned hostile and I don't think they will as long as Carl agrees with me that we don't need to keep coffee mugs he got from recruiters and/or conferences just because of the memories. These mugs can't even go in the microwave!!! Oh my.

In other news...we're almost done moving all the stuff from our other house. I told Carl that if we've lived without it for this long, we can live without it forever. Just when I get the boxes down to a reasonable number, he brings home more! I'm running out of places to put things so he's going to have to face the fact that something's gotta give!

Excuse the lame post of more complaining from me but I think that's all you're going to get today. Caleb is about to be home and I spent the whole morning in a Relief Society meeting. It's a rainy day so I'm going to have to come up with some way to keep the kiddos occupied without playing outside. Fun times.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Moving Tales

Guess what? The other members of my family have names and I'm going to use them. Sugar Daddy will now be referred to as Carl, the part of Frog will be played by Caleb and Big Apple will now be known as Eva (the Spanish pronounciation---Ava). I realize that the vast majority of people that read my blog are family members and close friends. So, I'm simplifying. Okay, now on to my tale.

This is a true story. Carl is a major pack rat. He does come by it honestly, though. He comes from a long line of hoarders. He has a hard time throwing things away. I'm starting to fear for this house. We've been married for almost 8 years and in that time we've moved 6 times. This has been good for me because it forces Carl to throw out some things out of sheer necessity. Now that we are finally in our own house, I worry that not having the every other year purge is going to make this house feel overrun. I shared my fears with him this morning and he blew me off saying he couldn't talk about it at the moment because he was feeling backed into a corner. Backed into a corner??? I merely suggested that we can throw out a travel coffee mug (hello? We're Mormons. We don't even drink coffee!) that we got from the little cafe where we ate after we got married. We've had that thing 8 years and haven't used it once.

Another example...Carl has more clothes than I do yet he wears the same thing every week. He does admit that he can get rid of some t-shirts now that he's a working man (like those free bank t-shirts that we got when we were undergrads over 10 years ago?) but most of his t-shirts need to be SAVED because of the memories. WHAT? He wants to pack away t-shirts in a box in the basement because they have sentimental value? Did they save his life? Are they magic? They're just t-shirts! I suggested cutting them up and making him a quilt if he wants to keep the "memories" alive so badly. I think he actually wants me to do that. Maybe I can get away with taking pictures of him in the shirts and making wallets and he can carry them around in his pocket everyday! I'm getting a good idea on how those Clean Sweep organizers feel when they have a particularly hard person to convince that they don't need to keep every little thing that they've ever owned.

Well, I have a long day of unpacking ahead of me but I'm not allowed to throw anything else out until Carl has an "inspection". I know at least half of the things he would never notice are gone but I'm not quite willing to push my luck on that yet.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here It Is!

Here's the new and improved crafty conservative. I was totally going to change the name but in the end decided that I didn't really need to. Here were some of the contenders...

1. Loco en el coco. This translates literally to crazy in the coconut. It's just a slang way to say crazy in the head.

2. Pies Descalzos. Translated to bare feet. I really liked this one. So deep. Think about all the bare feet in this house and how I want to knit them socks! It all came down to the fact that I figured people would think I was crazy for having pies (the food) in the title of my blog even though I really meant the spanish word for feet.

3. What's this? Christy's Blog? CHRISTY'S BLOG!!!! MMmmmHmmm. This title was inspired by the Frog and conceived of by Sugar Daddy. At first I was like, way. Then it kind of grew on me. In the end I realized that I didn't want my blog to be named after something that Frog says all of the time and a lot of people wouldn't get it.

I'm just glad to have this up and running now. I'll be adding my links and other goodies to the sidebar in the next day or two. I'll probably blog again later today. I've been saving up all of my good stuff!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Homes

Now that we've been in our new home for a few days, it has inspired me to create a new blog home. New name, new look...I hope it turns out as cool as I envision it.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I just messed up my blog. I wanted to try out a new template but it messed up all my sidebar stuff. I didn't pay attention to the pop-up when it you REALLY want to do this????? Because, I know I really didn't want to do it! Oh well. Hopefully I'll get it back in better condition in a few days. Does anyone know if there is a quick fix to this?

Sunday, April 16, 2006


We're finally in our new house. It was a really long weekend. We still have a lot to do and I'm really stressed out because Sugar Daddy is leaving to go out of town for a couple of days. We don't quite have the house kid proofed yet. Big Apple is having way too much fun on the stairs and Frog likes to open the front door and go to play outside. I'm going tomorrow to buy a gate (or two) and a deadbolt or something for the front door.

In other news, Elder Bednar was at our Stake Conference this weekend. I went to a meeting with him this morning for new members and those that are investigating the church. I'm neither, but SD is the Ward Mission Leader and was playing the piano at the meeting so I tagged along. I sat in the front row (it was in the Primary room) so I was super close to E. Bednar. I'm writing down my spiritual experiences in a not so public place but I thought I'd share some of the funnier aspects of this morning.

1. Both of the General Authorities wore two rings. I'm wondering if this is a pre-requisite for the job or, if once you have the calling, you feel pressure to live up to the two ring standard.

2. I was close enough to see that E. Bednar's ring was from BYU and he graduated in 1980.

3. He was very well groomed and had no visible nose hair. *I can't believe I just wrote this*

Blogging may be sparse in the next couple of days as we're trying to dig ourselves out from under the boxes. I already have a couple of funny stories about our first few days here but I'm too tired to write about them at the moment. Just wanted to check in!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lost Cause

Sugar Daddy and I have declared that we will do no more packing. Yep, that's right. We're done. Are we really? Nope. We're just going to deal with it. We're going to be able to start putting stuff in the house tomorrow night and we're just going to do multiple trips until we're tired. Then, we'll get the house we're in now ready for the people to help us move the big stuff on Saturday. We can leave all sorts of trash and all the garage sale stuff behind to go through later since we'll have our rental through the end of the month. I am trying to get all the laundry done before we go but I just used the last bit of detergent and I don't know whether I want to open the new box or not. I'll consult with SD tonight about that one.

I have a feeling this "no more packing" is going to bite us in the butts big time. So, I'm trying to use as little energy as possible during these next few days so I'm ready for all heck to rain down upon me. Time to go and have a quick lie down on the couch!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blogger Stinks

I had a really awesome birthday post yesterday that you all missed out on because blogger stinks. Oh well. Let me just tell you that it included this picture.

Darling Meshach and I share the same birthday.

I had a great day...thanks for all the birthday wishes! My birthday is my favorite holiday of the year (it even beats out Christmas--probably because it's all about ME!). I'm selfish, I know.

Today has been a pretty big day so far. We spent a fair chunk of change on a house. Yep, that's right. It's finally ours. The previous owners are paying us rent for a couple of days while they wait for their house to close and so they can move. We'll be loading up the truck Saturday morning. We did our last walk through last night and I'm SO excited to be moving there. It's gonna be awesome!

Well, Frog is going to be home soon so I better wrap this up and wait for the bus to get here!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Frog's First Day

No tears were shed (by me, at least---Sugar Daddy let go of a few). I think I got it out of my system last week just thinking about him getting on the bus by himself. Today I was just excited that it was finally here. Frog looked so cute with his backpack!
We all waited outside for the bus to show up. It arrived at 7:20am. I can't believe we were all up and ready that early. I did work on getting him to bed at a decent hour last night. It should be easier tonight since he's been up since 6:30am.
I think he had a good time. He came home in a good mood and it took him a good 2-3 hours before he started getting naughty. I didn't get any sort of message from the teacher so I'm taking that as a good sign. No news is good news, eh?

Tomorrow, Big Apple and I have a breakfast date to celebrate my birthday. It'll be weird going out with just one kid in tow. We're meeting Hollie at the IHOP (by the Walmart at 9am--anyone else care to join us?). Check out the pics of her little girl on her blog. In one of them she's wearing the hat I made for her 1st birthday. Cute as can be!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Testing 1,2,3

I found a little bit of work! It's not steady, nor will it make me rich. However, it's knitting! I'm going to test knitting for Chrissy at Knittin' Mom. She's got two little kids like I do and has been doing a lot of designing. She doesn't have time to all of the test knitting so she's having some people do it for her (and that includes me). Unfortunately, I have to keep any knitting I do for her hush hush until the patterns are available but that will leave more time for blogging about the kids (which my family will love!). I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to do it. It also helps that I have no big projects going on right now and none really "in the works". She can decide for me!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

You Spin Me Right Around, Baby, Right Around

Imagine Sarah Jessica Parker in one of her all-time greatest roles in the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Helen Hunt and Satan are in it, too. I guess non-LDS people wouldn't know that Satan is in it, but believe us when we say that he's there!*** Okay, back to Sarah Jessica Parker. Do you see her? Catholic school uniform? Standing in front of her class for the first time? She says, "I love to dance". If Big Apple could say more than a few semi-unintelligible words, this is what she would say.

Most of you know that the Frog can dance. I mean, he can DANCE. He loves it. Big Apple is the great imitator of all time (heaven help me!) and she has started to pick up on some of his moves. She's not a total copycat, though. She's got some good ones of her own. Her favorites are militant marching (she gets her knees up so high that I think she's going to fall over), and spinning. This kids spins and spins, usually until she can't walk and just has to fall to the floor. When this happens she will just stay there and giggle until she's good enough to stand up and do it again. It's super cute and I hope just she doesn't injure herself.

***There's just one of the dancers in the movie that plays the role of Satan in a video that a lot of us have seen. It's not REALLY Satan...or is it? ah ha ha ha ha

Friday, April 07, 2006

New Job?

I'm thinking about working again. Not full time teaching or anything crazy like that. Not only can we not afford the day care on a teacher's salary, but I still really want to stay home with the kids. I may complain (sometimes with good reason) but it really is what I want to do. Being a stay at home mom isn't easy but working outside the home AND taking care of a family is worse. But, I can't shake this "I gotta make some money" mantra in my head. I like to make money. I like to make it almost as much as I like to spend it. Actually, I like to spend it more when I know I'm contributing.

I've been looking into a couple of different options and I'm not quite ready to discuss them here. I still need to get more information. I would like to see if any of you have any good work at home ideas? No Pampered Chef (been there, done that), Mary Kay (I'm clueless about skin care and makeup---despite my recent eye shadow success), Avon, Tupperware, or Creative Memories (done it). It doesn't need to be a "party" business but those seem to have the most appeal to me because I don't need to do a lot of the leg work involved with getting something started. Any ideas for me?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cleaning House

Things are starting to get crazy around here. First, Sugar Daddy is in Wichita learning how to write grants so he can bring in lots of moolah to the university and more importantly, get tenure. I'm really not doing too badly being a single mom for a couple of days. Big Apple rewarded me last night by sleeping the full 12 hours without waking up once! She usually squacks at least once during the night. Frog slept with me and he stayed asleep for 10 hours. Not bad. At least I woke up in a good mood today.

I've been trying to get things organized for the move. I've gone through my clothes and threw out a ton of things. Most are now too big or just plain ugly (polyester capris? What the heck?). I realize now that I have precious few spring/summer clothes. Too bad I can't remedy that right away. I can last another month or two.

I tackled the craft room the other night. I got some good organization going on now so it shouldn't be so bad to unpack. I've got a filing crate with most of my paper, die cuts, etc... and most of them are even labeled correctly. I have about 8 stamp sets I'm ready to part with but I'm not going to do that until after the move. They're too good to put into the garage sale.

Speaking of the garage sale...we are going to have a lot of things in there! We've got a bed, dresser, chairs, treadmill, toys, baby clothes, crafty goodness, and junk out the wazoo. I'll be surprised if we don't make a couple hundred dollars. The good news? What's left will not be coming into our new house. Straight off to charity. Yippee.

Frog is demanding my attention now so I'm guess I'm done blogging for today. Sorry it's not more exciting. But, that's my life these days.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Motherin' in the Hood

Big Apple has proven to be quite the challenge today. She kept bringing me thumbtacks. Where the heck is she finding all the thumbtacks and why does she insist on bringing them to me in her mouth???? The second time she brought them to me, I followed her. She went into her closet, opened a drawer (the top one), reached in and pulled out more! Great. She must have broken the box earlier when she brought out her first one because they were all loose in the drawer. I have since put them back in the box, placed the box in a ziploc, placed the ziploc up high where I KNOW she can't reach, and have kept a close eye on her ever since. I wonder what else she'll dig up today.

Frog went to preschool today to check it out. It was awesome. The teacher is great, they sing a lot, and there are 3 adults to about 9-10 kids. We go back on Friday to update his IFSP and then he'll start riding the bus on Monday. I'll admit that I teared up a little thinking that my little guy is going to be riding a bus to school already! Then I started thinking about how much that should help our family and then they were tears of joy. This is going to be good. But, I can't guarantee there won't be more sad tears on Monday when he actually goes for real.

They had to take his picture for some of the things they do at the school. I don't think I have to remind you how Frog smiles. Well, I will anyway.

The paraprofessional that was taking the picture had to tell the one that was telling Frog to smile to stop it. It was quite hilarious. I think they finally came away with one that worked.

Next week is a big week. Monday: first day of preschool; Tuesday: MY BIRTHDAY (send money, yarn, or best wishes please!); Wednesday: we close on our house; Thursday: we go broke because we spent all of our money on the house; Friday: we freak out because we move in one day; Saturday: we MOVE..and my sister is coming!; Sunday: Elder Bednar is in town for our church's Stake Conference; Monday: Sugar Daddy leaves for 2 days for some conference and leaves me and my sister alone to unpack the house. Fun fun fun!

Monday, April 03, 2006

April Socks

I've finished my mom's birthday socks. They turned out nicely. I think I might like to make a pair for myself someday. I think I have enough leftover Koigu to do it. Well, they might have to have a shorter cuff.

Pattern: Fancy Silk Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks

Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino dye code P814. I used just under 2 skeins.

Here they are ready to be shipped off to Oklahoma!

They should get there sometime this week, Mom.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Little Peace

Frog has learned how to use the computer. It started out innocently enough. He had me do all the mouse work and would scream if I didn't do what he wanted. Finally, I got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and had him do it himself. I'm amazed at how quickly he picked it up. He can now come into the office (I get him started on and play quietly for about 30 minutes. He did manage to figure out how to turn the computer on and off. This annoys him but he still continues to do it. When he comes out and tells me the computer is taking a nap, I know what he did. We'd come back in and he's say, "Wake up, computer!". We'd turn it back on and I'd hope that he wouldn't turn it off again in the next five minutes. Well, he would. I like to think that I'm smarter than he is. Behold, my computer childproofing.

You can't really see all of the clear tape but it is covering the whole front of the computer. The ruler is taped over the on/off button so they can't push it down. Even Sugar Daddy marveled at my crafty genius. Luckily, I only have to endure this for 2 more weeks. When we move, I get a better computer in my own room. Frog can keep this one.

Tomorrow I'll show you my mom's socks that I finished. I'm really proud of them. They turned out nicely. I've also started a new pair of socks with the yarn I got in Long Beach. I really have to get a project other than socks. Maybe after the move...