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Thursday, November 30, 2006


I've been deserted. My trainer no longer works at the Y. I don't know the circumstances (whether it was her choice or not) but I have a new trainer. Amy. I meet her next Wednesday. This week has not been the best. Not by choice, but by circumstance. I'm sick. I've been so tired and feeling like puking for a couple of days now. Not good. So, I haven't been to the Y since Tuesday night. Amy told me to wait until Monday before going again. I am feeling a little better tonight--hopeful that a full night's rest will do me good.

Tomorrow morning I go to Caleb's school for a little bit. The teacher thought that would be best after she saw how he was behaving when I was there before Thanksgiving. He was a total spaz. She said he never acts like that when I'm not there. She feels that by having me there a little bit each week it might even help him at home and they can work on his behaviors in a "neutral" environment. Crossing my fingers.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Greg Leaves the Wiggles!

I can't tell you how upset this is making me. The news story is HERE. I hope he will be okay. I freakin' love the Wiggles. Now I'm even more glad that we saw them in concert this year. Long live re-runs and DVDs!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We went for an appointment with the psychologist to get Caleb's medical diagnosis (finally). I was somewhat surprised that he's being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. This is in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (often considered to be at the milder end). I don't know why I'm so surprised. I knew he'd fall somewhere on the spectrum. I just didn't think he had enough of the qualifications (symptoms, qualities, ?) to be considered Aspergers. I have one more appointment with them to get the written report and final recommendations but other than that...he's done with that psychologist.
UPDATED: There was a picture and a link to a t-shirt that had a typo--thanks Tiffany for telling me in the comments. Once I noticed it, I was annoyed and found something else I need. A BUTTON!

Monday, November 27, 2006

In the Mail

I got this card in the mail today. You want to know what makes it even more precious? It came from the RS president! I love working with her so much. How many RS presidents do you know that would send out a card like this? She came by last week when I was neck deep in laundry, kids, and no floor. She was going out of town for the weekend and giving me the stuff to do all the welfare food orders and phone calls to make. I think she felt bad by adding to my load but it really wasn't all that bad. I survived.


When I tell the kids we're going in the car they are quite predictable. Eva will run around looking for shoes and a coat. Caleb will start saying, "We're going in the car today. We're going to see Spencer today. We're going to see Kiki today. We're going to the airplane today. We're going to the Y today. We're going to..." You get the point. I usually respond with, "Not today!" until he gets to the one that is correct. If he says something that he'll be doing tomorrow, I'll tell him "We're going to see Kiki tomorrow!".

Today it just so happens that we were going to the Y. Big surprise. I've been going religiously since forking out the big bucks for a trainer and making my chart. I really look forward to it now and I'm becoming Queen of the Elliptical Machine and Master of All Ab-Roller Crunches. Anyway, when we were done at the Y Caleb started into his other routine. He starts by saying, "Did you have fun at the Y today? Mommy! Say it! Did you have fun at the Y today?" I repeat that and he'll nod his head.

On the way out to the car he said, "We're going to the X tomorrow!".

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Smashing Good Time

My husband is the ward mission leader at our church. It is a job that he really enjoys and I love getting to know the missionaries that come and serve in our area. The sisters serving in our area right now are Sister Roberts and Sister Devine.

Sister Roberts is really smart and talks about black holes and phsyics with Carl. I think she tells some funny jokes but I don't know enough about science to get them. But, you can't help but laugh because she cracks herself up. That's one of the many things I love about Sister Roberts.

Sister Devine is also really smart but it doesn't matter because everything she says sounds "brilliant" with her British accent. She's also a ballroom dancer and knows Ashly DelGrosso from Dancing with the Stars.

Tonight we offered the sisters an opportunity to use some of their service hours in our home by helping us tile the floor. A lovely time was had by all and I was glad we were able to get started on the tiling. We got a good chunk done. Just enough that by Monday we'll be able to use the front door again. Going around our island is going to be tough but we have a good hour or two a night once the kids go to bed to work on it. Our goal is to have it all finished before we have our second annual Dr. Nelson party for his students. The Mexican Christmas theme was a hit so we'll be having tamales again. Yum.

Friday, November 24, 2006

A Photo Essay

This is my photo essay entitled "How I Am Spending My Thanksgiving Weekend"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't tell you all how happy I am that it is Thanksgiving! I have Carl home for four days in a row and I should have the beginning of a tile floor in the kitchen by the end of the weekend. I got to sleep in for almost 2 extra hours this morning and all I have to do before we go out for Thanksgiving dinner is get dressed and go to the Y. I'm going to clean the house later, get caught up on some major laundry and knit. We'll probably read the ads in the paper for tomorrow and Carl will probably want to go out at the crack of dawn and stand in some line for gadgets. Whatever. I'm not going there. The kids woke up happy and I'm beginning the weekend optimistic (yep, I used the deodorant) about the fact that we will have fun.

Eat up, people. And be THANKFUL!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Poser of the Year

Caleb's been at it some more. Rumor has it that his grandmother (like that, mom?) got him his own kid-friendly digital camera for Christmas. I hope he likes it.

About Christmas, we're getting the kids one thing each and then filling their stockings. I better get working on finishing Eva's stocking...she's getting older now and it's harder to justify why she doesn't have one. We got Caleb an mp3 player (holds about 30 songs-spent less than $20) and Eva a personalized Wiggles CD (we got Caleb a Veggietales one over the summer that they LOVE--spent around $20). Last year we didn't get them anything from ourselves. We saved their Christmas presents for their birthdays (Jan/Mar). They just get so much from grandparents (3 sets) and other family that it seems overkill for us. This is coming from a mother that had them skip Halloween this year... I'd like to do more eventually. Most of you know that my Christmas past is full of over-indulgence thanks to my Grandma C. But, for now, while I can...I'm keeping it simple.

I'd love to hear other people's Christmas gift giving "philosophy". What are your plans this holiday season?

Monday, November 20, 2006


Here is the chart that I made. I still don't know what I'm going to do for a reward but new shoes is leading the pack. I was thinking new outfit or new bra but I should probably save that for later once my body starts to get smaller. Anyway, I had such a busy day that I didn't get to the gym until almost 7pm. I'd never been to the Y at night before. I don't like it. Too many body builders. Going in the morning is much more my speed. I don't feel like such a wimp. I did the elliptical machine and didn't feel like a total idiot. I could even take my hands off. I think I'm going to like doing that more than the treadmill. The heart rate monitors work on them so I don't have to stop for 10 seconds to check my pulse (Jen gives me a range to stay in). I did really well and felt I got a lot out of my workout. The abs kicked my butt. That's probably going to be my biggest struggle each day. I'm actually looking forward to going again tomorrow!


I made a chart. I even made homemade "stickers" to go on it. I'm going to make a different one each week and have a different reward each week for having achieved my goals. I'll post a picture this afternoon after I have earned my first sticker. Here's the deal: I don't have a reward. I need a reward. It's only my first week so I don't feel it should be anything too big. I'm taking suggestions!

Here are some things I am planning on using this either this week or in the future:

1. Massage
2. Pedicure
3. New tennis shoes
4. New workout outfit
5. New songs for my ipod

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bed Time

The kids got flu shots yesterday. I don't know if that is what made them sleepless all night, but they were. Caleb started coming in our room every hour beginning at 12:30am. At 1:30am, Eva started to join in the sleeplessness. When Caleb came in at 2:30am we cut our losses and just told him to get in our bed. He did, but didn't fall asleep for over an hour. He tossed and turned and kept repeating parts of The Wonder Pets show that he had seen that day. He climbed behind our bed and laid down there for a while. He finally jumped back up with us and fell asleep. Just like this.

His head and shoulders are totally hanging off the back of our bed and he slept like this well into the morning. I hope tonight will be better and we can make it all the way through the night. I was really starting to like sleeping through the night with no interruptions.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Flock of Seagulls

I ran. I ran so far away.

Today was my first day of training. I was really nervous. I was almost to the point of throwing up and I hadn't even arrived at the YMCA yet. I knew she was going to push me and it was going to suck. I was right. But, I feel great right now. My legs are still burning and probably will for a couple of days...but it was worth it.

We started out by warming up on the treadmill for 5 minutes. I just had to get my heart rate up to 139. Then I had a choice of 3 cardio machines. I went with the treadmill first since I was already there. And I ran. I ran so far away. Couldn't get away. When I workout by myself I usually do a brisk walk at 3.0 and do some incline. She started me at 3.6 and we gradually worked up to 4.7. We did 2 minutes at each interval (she went up 2-3 levels each time). OUCH! I thought I was going to fall off the treadmill. But, I did it! When it was over the 3.6 seemed like nothing. Then I got off the treadmill and thought I was going to fall over. No time. Straight to the elliptical trainer. I understand now why all those Biggest Loser contestants always cry in the gym.

About the elliptical trainer...I've never used it for any amount of time. Why? Because I'm extremely uncoordinated at these things and I feel like a goober. She started me on the highest incline and I thought my legs were going to fall off. She lowered down to medium after 2 minutes and then to the lowest after another two minutes. Whew. I made it. But, oh no!!! We had to start back up at the highest incline and do it all over again. OUCH-a-RONI! I was getting a little better at the machine towards the end. The lady next to me didn't have to hold on to the arm things at all and was just running like she was in the park. Crazy.

Time for the bike. This was awesome. I don't know whether or not it was psychological but the bike was the easiest. I got to sit down! I rode for 10 minutes with her messing around with the resistance on that as well. My legs were burning but it wasn't unbearable. My butt hurt, though.

After that we moved over to the mat and got an exercise ball. I've already admitted my uncoordination and it showed with me trying to balance on that silly ball. I did the first couple of exercises okay. Then, she brought out the medicine ball. She threw it to me (I'm still sitting on the ball) and then I'm supposed to lean all the way back with the ball over my head, sit back up, touch my elbows to the exercise ball on each side and then throw it back. I wasn't doing them very well and I complained about feeling like I was going to fall off. She scooted up to hold my feet. That helped a little. But, I totally fell off that stinkin' ball. I told her! It was kind of funny, actually. She asked me if I did it on purpose. Now, why would I fall off on purpose? Anyway, she held my knees after that and I was able to do it okay. After we were done she sat on my ball and realized that I had good reason to be wobbly---it was under inflated and a little unstable. So, maybe next time I'll do better.

Time for stretching. This was the best part of the whole workout. My heart rate was down enough that I didn't feel like I wanted to hack up a lung and the stretching really felt great. When we were done she gave me my homework.

Here it is:

Mon/Wed: 30 minutes cardio on machine of choice (heart rate 149-168)
weight circuit 2 times w/ 15 reps each
abs 2 sets of 25 crunches

Tue/Thur: 45 minutes cardio on machine of choice (heart rate 149-155)
abs 2 sets of 25 crunches

Fri: More butt kicking w/ Jen

I asked her if I could make a pretty sheet that we can put stickers on. I think she thinks I'm weird. Doesn't she know that stickers will help me? ;) I'm totally making a chart.

Without Further Ado...

The stockings are finished. I had to re-knit the first one I did because I didn't do contrasting heel/toe/cuff. Then, I had to "doctor" up a second one because I did a contrasting heel/toe, but no cuff. That was a little tricky since you can't unravel from the top down. I ended up knitting up a cuff with the correct color and then cutting off the wrong one. I then just hand sewed it on. Can you tell which one it is from the picture? Anyway, I'm glad these are done so I can work on some other projects without feeling guilty.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Knitting? What Knitting?

By the end of the day today I will have all of the stockings done for Kayli. I may be up all night (not really--I'm so close---if the kids cooperate I may even have them in the mail to go out tonight). I'll post pictures of them tomorrow.

The stockings aren't a good traveling project so when I'm out and about I've been working on other things. I made a headband for my uncle Ron (as per his Christmas request) and now I'm using the leftover Cascade 220 to make a felted bag.

I'm going to need to make some more of my Nebraska ornaments. They are at a craft fair this weekend along with my other stuff. It's an in home show down the street from Wendy. I went to set up last night and I couldn't believe all the great stuff that this lady has. She's working on getting a website together but a lot of her things are made out of old chenille. She made the cutest little girl pants with fringe. Next time I go over I'll see if she'll let me post some pictures of things on my blog.

On Tuesday my favorite etsy seller had a yarn update. I sat by my computer and refreshed for a half hour until the yarn that I've been coveting came up. This is the self-striping Gryffindor colorway sock yarn. They will make fabulous socks and I can't wait until it gets here! She had 8 available and by the time I had finished selecting mine for purchase, they were all gone. I was lucky to get my skein while they lasted. I even got a Sockret Pal discount! Woohoo!

I think that's it for the knitting going on around here. I have a lot of things I want to finish up before Christmas and a lot of things I just want to finish (Carl's drunken argyle, for instance--haven't touched it for 2 months!). I only have so much time in the day for knitting. Those darn kids. They want food, attention, clean bottoms, etc...

In other news: Emmitt won! I wasn't sad. All of my votes went to Mario for his superb breakdancing skillz (I don't think I'm young or cool enough to spell it like that...but, oh well) but that doesn't mean I don't love Emmitt! I wonder who they'll get to dance on next season. I'd love to see Scott Baio on there!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Can't Help Myself!


I'm still in recovery from my cold. If you really thought I was going to have a chance to nap, you don't know my kids very well. I had a really tiring day yesterday and was feeling at my worst around 3:30pm.

Enrichment was last night. It was a pot luck and the theme was "Feasting Upon the Words of Christ". It was probably really good. I made my crazy breadsticks and sent them without me. I spent the evening in bed once Carl got home. I didn't sleep, but I did rest. I also watched Dancing with the Stars. He got my vote. Never mind the fact that I gorged myself on Saved by the Bell at, he really deserves to win. I guess we'll find out tonight.

After Dancing with the Stars, they previewed the new William Shatner game show, Show Me the Money. They've got girls like Deal or No Deal but these are "dancers". Kind of slutty. We probably won't watch this show regularly--but not because we're against slutty, it's just not that good. Here were some highlights.

The contestant was Matt Marr. What? We freaked out for a second thinking it was Wendy's husband but then they said he was from Oklahoma (and he spelled his name with two 'r's. It was this guy with a man purse...admittedly homosexual. William Shatner introduced the dancers by saying something like, "This may not be your thing, but we've got 13 beautiful dancers!"

I guess this blog is about how I did nothing but lie in bed and watch tv last night. I also got to sleep in this morning since Carl got Caleb ready for the bus all by himself. I'm actually feeling better today. Eva is feeling better today, too. She was a stinker yesterday but I couldn't blame her...I was too! Tomorrow it's back to the gym.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day One of the Butt Kicking

I met my personal trainer yesterday. Jen. She's really tall, early twenties and wears lots of mascara. I like her. So far. The butt kicking really hasn't begun yet. We had our inital meeting and fitness evaluation. It was like Presidential Fitness on crack.

I'm going to post my lame stats just so when I'm done with my 6 weeks with the trainer I'll see how much I've improved.

Push ups: 20
Sit-ups: 24 in 60 seconds
Weight: 208 (holy moly) I've gained almost 15 lbs. in the last 3 months. I started a new medication then but I don't want to give that all the blame---it's probably not helping my cause, though. I'll check with my dr. in a couple of weeks.
Cardio: 3 minutes stair climbing to a cadence. She took my heart rate after this and I don't know my results but it was a definite workout.
Flexibility test: This was really hard for me. I had to reach out for this metal thing with a ruler. I didn't do too well. I've got a lot to "fold over" so to speak.

I also had to set some goals. I'm going to be working out 5X a week. We're starting with 3 days cardio/ 2 days weights. We'll eventually bump that up to 5 days cardio/3 days weights plus some at home ab work.

She asked me when I wanted to have our appointments. She gave me a couple options: Monday--to help me get started on the right track; Wednesday--to help me stay motivated through the week; or Friday--because I'm going to be so sore when she's done with me I'll need the weekend to recover. I'm going to see her on Friday. So, I'm officially starting this Friday. I'm taking these next few days to recover from an illness. Eva and I are both sick. It's mainly a wicked cough and body aches. We're trying to stay hydrated and medicated. I haven't been getting enough rest but hopefully today willl be a "calm" day at Casa Nelson and I can take a little nap.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dancing in the Streets

Did you all watch the Nebraska football game yesterday? We were playing Texas A&M. Oklahoma played them last week. That was a nail biter of a game but nothing like yesterday's. It was 21-10 at halftime and then I stopped watching it. I went upstairs to knit and read. Carl came up when it was over and asked me if I wanted to see the end. I asked if we won. He said, "Can't you hear that?". We opened the front door and the neighbors were all hooting and hollering "Go BIG RED!" "Woohoo! Husker Nation!", etc... I said, "I guess we won." He had backed up the game for me (love that DVR!) so I could watch the last half. AMAZING! No wonder everyone was dancing in the streets. I'm glad I knew the outcome while I was watching it, though. Otherwise I might have been passed out on the floor.

Later that night we watched Kansas State kick the tar out of Texas. Looks like Nebraska is going to have a chance to play them again this year in the Big 12 Championship game. Should be a good one!

Gotta love that college football.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Devil Inside

I'm doing a little bit of "live" blogging today. I took these pictures about 2 minutes ago. I finished a Christmas present for my sister (she knows she's getting this already) and took a picture of Caleb as my model. It's the Devil Hat from the SnB book by Debbie Stoller. It was really quick to knit up and I used Patons merino wool (LOVE IT!). It was a bonus that he happened to be wearing his Napolean Dynamite shirt today.

Now, on to Eva. Here she is enjoying a leisurely Saturday afternoon watching the game. I love the bit of belly that's hanging out and the lovely juice stains on her shirt. Classic.

I'm going to spend the rest of my knitting time today finishing up the Christmas stockings for Kayli. Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Photo Shoot

Caleb's been enjoying taking pictures these past few days. He asks me to get down the camera and take his picture. I have to turn the viewer around so he can see what he's doing and then he starts posing. I have about 75 of these over the past few days. They all look remarkably similar--except the shirt changes. Here is just a sampling.

You'll notice the different "looks". We've been practicing faces: silly, surprised, sad, happy, etc...


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Looks Like We Made It

We're Kids Incorporated! I was searching around You Tube for some footage of Mario Lopez dancing on Saved By the Bell. Instead I found all sorts of videos from Kids Incorporated! This one was from the early days. Martika was only on for a season or two and Stacy (now known as Fergie) was still pretty young. My sister, Lisa, and I used to sing and dance to them all the time! She would always want to be Stacy. So, I was Rene (the girl that wasn't Martika or Stacy). You can see a little bit of Mario as the drummer. He gets a close-up in the middle of the song. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Foot Soakin'

I had a little Arbonne get together last night and the kids got into the action. We used a peppermint foot scrub and then followed up with a peppermint lotion. I kept rubbing my feet together they were oh, so smooth!

A couple of weeks ago, Deb (the new queen of Arbonne) gave me the anti-aging skin care line to try. To go from nothing to 6 steps twice a day was kind of a stretch for me. Plus, I didn't see that it was really doing anything. I may be over 30 now but I don't think I'm wrinkly enough to see a big difference. So, I didn't think I was going to find anything that I liked.

Last night I showed them my eczema on my arms. Deb and her sister had me try the Intelligence rejuvenating cream. Julie (the sister) said that I would notice a difference the next day. I secretly scoffed at that. I had been using prescription lotion on it for months just to keep it from getting worse (it wasn't getting better). Hey, Catherine...remember my anthrax on my leg? Still there. Anyway, I woke up this morning and the spots on my arm were gone! What the heck? I couldn't believe it. So, I promptly emailed Deb to change my order! As soon as I got out of the shower this morning I could start to feel the flakiness return and it's starting to show up a little again so I'm anxiously awaiting my order so I can use it every day and get rid of the rings on my arms.

They have a balancing cream that is supposed to help with a lot of the symptoms I have from PCOS, as well. I'm SUPER skeptical about that working for me but now that the cream worked wonders, I may be willing to try it.

I didn't mean for this blog to turn into an Arbonne testimonial. I certainly don't have any ties to the company myself and wouldn't benefit financially if you all decide to go out and buy truckloads of it. I'm sure Deb wouldn't mind. ;)

I hope it truly was the cream that helped and it wasn't just because I'm having an excellent week...because I am!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Voted!

I hauled myself down the block to the retirement community craft room and voted this morning. I took Eva with me and our ages together (I know she only adds 20 months) didn't even come close to the ages of the other people that were there voting. I guess the younger crowd (under 70) will show up later today. I did my civic duty and in the process had a lovely conversation with one of the poll workers.

Old lady working the poll: My! You've got a nice drivers license picture.

Me: Thank you! I actually wore makeup that day.

OLWTP: You'd be surprised how bad some people look in those whether they have on makeup or not.

Me: Yep.

OLWTP: I look at those all day and I've seen some doozies.

Me: I bet.

OLWTP: Okay, young lady. You go and do your duty now and vote.

Me: Thanks.

After I voted I took my ballot to the old man working the poll.

Old man working the poll: You sure were quick.

Me: I did my homework.

OMWTP: You young'uns can read those ballots without the magnifiers. I bet that helps.

Me: Yep. Have a great day.

OMWTP: Don't forget your sticker.

Me: I wouldn't dream of it.

OMWTP: And here's one for your cute baby.


There you have it. I voted and got complimented. What a great day. This week isn't sucking and that makes me happy.

Socks that Rock

I'm participating in Sockret Pal...and guess what? I have a pal that not only agrees that my new haircolor is fabulous, she sent me THIS STUFF!!!!

Do you see that? Socks that Rock? I really want to try it out but I've got to fight the urge until AFTER my Christmas rush. The colors are beautiful. In the tin is some shea butter. C'est french. Carl was ooh-la-la impressed as he is obsessed with all things frenchy.

My sockret pal must really be reading my blog. Lookie here!

Stamps! Knitting stamps! Could I be any more lucky? Probably not. This week has just taken a turn for the better, that's for sure!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Fun?

Well, the craft fair is over. I did as well as everyone else there...which is to say, crappy. But, I had fun! I sold almost all of the notebook/pen sets I made, some tile coasters and some magnets. Most of my sweater ornaments are already spoken for but I brought them anyway because I could always make more. Didn't even sell one! I was surprised about that. You can check out the products I had/have available at my new "business" blog Here I will post things I have available for sale through me directly and announcements for any stamp camps I may be doing. I'm sure I'll mention here anytime it is updated so it's not the kind of blog you need to check every hour (like this one!).

I haven't blogged about my experience with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it over. There wasn't any school last week so I had both kids with me and I wasn't prepared to take them there by myself. Luckily, Wendy called me to see if I wanted to go with her at 9pm on Thursday night. Perfect! Kids in bed. Husband home. I was free! It wasn't as exciting as any of the other visits that she was able to make over there (she actually saw them "MOVE THAT BUS!"--check out her blog for pics and story), but I'm so glad I was able to see it. We saw the back of Paul Dimeo (we are pretty sure about this) and we saw a lot of people with blue shirts throwing out trash in the big dumpster in front of the house. It was pure excitement, I tell ya! I'm not even going to bother posting my pics on here. Really, go read Wendy's blog and you'll get the full story of the excitement in town this week.

Hopefully things are going to slow down around here this week. Things aren't starting out so well. Caleb is still here. The bus is an hour late. Carl's just going to take him to school. Also, I'm watching the girls again today so I'm going to have a full house in about 30 minutes. If I get a chance, I'm going to call to set up my first meeting with the personal trainer for sometime this week! Woohoo!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Two Years...Still Nothing to Say

I've been doing this blogging thing for two years now. It started off innocently enough. I was joining in on the knit blogging phenomenon so I could participate in some of the events going on in blogworld. It wasn't too difficult to come up with a name. The Crafty Conservative. I signed up for a blog right after the 2004 elections. Remember those? The majority of knitbloggers that I read were going crazy about the election and frankly, I didn't agree with a lot of their opinions. I'm not as conservative as a lot of people but I certainly lean right on most things. I thought I could be a welcome place for people that share my values. Know what? I don't think I've blogged about politics at all and I'm not planning on starting anytime soon. But, other knitbloggers can know that there are some of us that voted for Bush and aren't disappointed with that decision (yet). As for this upcoming election, I'm still undecided--especially in our Senate race. It's been really nasty. I guess I am going to blog about politics right now. I have two choices. Ben Nelson- a middle of the road democrat or Pete Ricketts- a millionaire businessman republican with what seem to me some sound economic ideas. We shall see on Tuesday what I end up doing. All of the other races are pretty clear to me what I'm going to do and I am crossing party lines on a couple. Nebraska democrats are a LOT different than those found in some other states. Okay, I'm done.

Now back to what this blog is really about. More of my insane life.

Here is a picture of my whole face with the new hair color since Hollie requested it.

Hopefully this face will undergo some changes in the next few months. Plastic surgery? Nope. Not my style. But, I now have a PERSONAL TRAINER! What? How did that happen? I won a silent auction at the YMCA and now I have a personal trainer for 6 sessions. I'm asking for $ for Christmas to fund future sessions with said personal trainer. I'm asking for some other stuff too. Maybe you all should check out the updated 2006 version of the Nelson Christmas List blog! Carl still hasn't given me a list yet so you'll have to check back for that one.

You can also expect to hear more about the kids. Here we are enjoying a nice dinner courtesy of the Sunday School class I subbed for that week I had a REALLY BAD DAY at church. They asked Carl what I like to eat and he told them pizza, yellow cake and diet Pepsi. So, that's what I got! They also wrote me some really great apology notes. I think they'll be good if I sub for them anytime again.

I really need to wrap this post up. I only have a few hours before I have to go and set up for the craft fair. I'm not really as prepared for this one as I would like to be. But, I'm sure it will be fine. I'll probably do an update or so again in the next few days.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

I went to Kansas yesterday with my two kids in tow. I was going to visit my friend Kerry (still blogless) that just moved there from Indiana. It's a three hour drive through four states (even though Kansas borders Nebraska---the best road takes me on a fabulous journey through part of Iowa and Missouri). We had to leave the house because Carl was working on the kitchen floor and it just wasn't in our best interest to be around. So, I spent the day with Kerry and her boy Logan. Caleb did okay. By okay I mean instead of being a 7 or 8 on my agressive scale (sadly, normal), he was about a 3. This would be a good thing if he were at my house with no other kids. I would be thanking God for it being a "good day". But, he was torturing poor little Logan. Logan's 2 1/2 and is the same size as Eva. This isn't really all that small for a 2 1/2 yr. old since Eva is a giantess. Anyway, he's much smaller than Caleb and not used to the daily torment of a big kid. Logan didn't suffer any bodily harm (mainly psychological I'm sure) but Eva did. She came home with a nice scrape on her nose and a black eye. Caleb pushed her into the corner of a desk. Lovely. How many times this week can I get nominated for Mother of the Year?

I still count the day as a success. We had a good time. I had missed Kerry terribly but being with her again made it seem like it hasn't been almost 18 months since we've seen each other. Now that they live so close (yep, 3 hours is close here in the middle of nowhere) I'm sure we'll be able to see them more often (if they dare!).

In other news: It's been so much fun seeing everyone's Halloween costumes on their blogs. Does it make me feel a little guilty about skipping out this year? Not on your life.

Come back tomorrow for what I'm sure will be an underwhelming post marking my 2nd anniversary of blogging!