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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spray Powder Shampoo

Any mother with young kids can attest to the fact that it isn't always easy to get a shower when you want and/or need one. There were times when I felt my YMCA membership was worth it solely for the fact that they would watch my kids for 2 hours and I could work out for a little bit and then use their showers to wash my hair for the day. All I really needed was some of this shampoo.

I am definitely intrigued by this product. I may have to get some and include it in baby shower gifts for all new mothers. Booties and dry shampoo. Good idea, don't you think?

Another reason I thought I might want this product is to put in my food storage. If there is ever a time when we are without power or water, a little spray powder shampoo might give me just the pick me up I need. In a disaster if I'm going to be eating all that wheat we have stored, I'll want something to make me feel better.

The shampoo comes in different shades so you can best match your hair color and not worry about it leaving flecks or bits in your hair. It also lists no oil residue as one of its features. I'm sure a little goes a long way so this seems like a pretty good value to me. Maybe sometime soon you'll see me sporting dry cleaned hair.


  1. OOoo, could have used that today when the day blew up and I had to go in to work when I hadn't planned on it! Very cool!

  2. When I was young there was a spray shampoo product called "Pssssst!" It didn't work that great, and left a bit of powder residue to boot. (Back in the "olden" days, people didn't shampoo their hair daily - that all changed when I was about 12!)