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Friday, January 11, 2008

N-Lighten Nebraska

Any Lincoln-ites want to join me in doing this for three months? There can be anywhere between 2-10 people on a team. It costs $15/person (assuming we sign up online). It is not necessarily a weight loss competition. They have an activity accumulation category, as well. Teams can sign up to be eligible to win in both categories. You get a t-shirt, a free entry into the Cornhusker State Games Volkswalk, and support materials. There are also drawings for prizes each month when you track your progress online. Did I mention you could win a MEDAL???? So much better than a blue ribbon!

Any takers? Email me at sra_nelson AT yahoo or just comment here.


  1. I totally would if I lived there. I think I'm still registered to vote there. I need to get that changed before too long:)

    Good luck! I'll be a cheerleader for team Chirsty!

  2. Lauren3:13 PM

    Normally, I would totally join you. But immediately post-baby, I'd probably be a pretty poor team member... and I certainly wouldn't want to prevent you from winning a medal! Good luck!

  3. Lauren--did you see some of the things you get points for? It is like eating breakfast, walking, eating fruit, drinking water...basic stuff. I might need to persuade you since I know you're a maniac at the Y!

  4. I am so in! I just started an exercise routine this week too- how ironic! Let me know if we have a team or not!

  5. Audra--we have a team! I'll email you the details in the next few days.