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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Project 365 (366)

Pirate party fun

01/22/08Eva and I went to the Children's Museum on Tuesday morning.

01/23/08Caleb playing the guitar---he says "I'm rock and roll just like Guitar Hero!".

01/24/08Eva and I took some time out to play with a ladybug we found in our bay window. She kept saying, "Oh no! Ladybug lost!".

01/25/08Pinwheel sweater progress. This is such a fast knit--especially considering I just started it on Tuesday! The yellow stripes in the purple section are where the sleeves go. I decided use an "afterthought heel" instead of the provisional cast-on called for in the pattern.

Caleb got this really cool conductor gear from Eric & Connie for his birthday. Since Carl won't be here on his actual birthday, we've been celebrating early. He walks around wearing this saying, "I'm Choo-Choo Soul!".

Carl was rocking out after church today. He's so rock and roll! Just like Guitar Hero!


  1. Janet5:59 PM

    What fun pictures! Thanks. I'm glad the party went well. That sweater is going to be gorgeous. I can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Your kids have the BEST smiles. And the sweater is absolutely adorable, can't wait to see it completed.
    Way to "rock" the Project 365(366)!!!