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Friday, January 11, 2008

Movie Time

For Caleb's birthday, we are going to take him to see this movie in the theater. We've never tried taking him to the movies before. But, if there is a movie that I think he would sit through--this one is it.

Carl is going to be on a scout campout all weekend and out of town the week of Caleb's actual birthday so we might try and go see it next weekend.


  1. Since they started advertising this movie I can't get the Pirate song out of my head! LOL Hope you all have a GREAT time and enjoy.

  2. This looks like such a cute movie. I bet your little man will enjoy it.

    If you're worried about him staying in one seat, try to pick a time when the theater might not be as busy, put 2-3 seats inbetween your husband and yourself, and let him move back and forth between the two of you if he needs to. Or, just let him get up and stand in front of his seat and move a little bit. Chances are he is short enough that he won't block anyone's view and as long as he isn't noisy they probably won't even notice him.

  3. LEt me know if it's good. I was thinking about taking Mckenzie to see it.

  4. Please blog and let me know if it's worth it! We've never paid to take the kids to a movie (in the summer they show old movies for free, we only made it all the way through one).