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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I'm not quite halfway through my week without Carl. It wouldn't be so bad but I'm getting really sick, I think. What I thought was allergies is now a full blown mucus filled party. It is just as fun as it sounds, let me tell you. I finally got to sleep last night at 11:45pm only to wake up at 12:30am and not be able to get back to sleep until after 1:30am. I then woke up at least once every hour and by 6:15am, I gave up. I got up and started my day. I'm hoping Eva will let me sleep a little this morning. We have one errand to run. Luckily it is just to the CVS pharmacy a block away. We're out of diapers for Eva (I was hoping to use this week to re-focus on potty training since she is starting to show more signs of readiness--but I'm too pooped) and I need to find some PM medicine so I can sleep and breathe at the same time.


  1. That sounds horrible!

    You're freaking me out because we're 3 days into potty training and Merrill will be in Anaheim for work next week and me and Rusty have colds. I'll be sure to stock up on cold medicine ahead of time.

  2. It is all about the sleeping! I know I could make it through the day if I could just get a full night of sleep!

  3. Potty training. Uh.

    I don't even want to share the poo filled day that I had yesterday....

    I am still holding on to what you have. I am an expert at sleeping pills. Nyquil is great, but makes me still stay groggy in the morning (unless I take it early enough). Advil PM is really good. Simply sleep works too (and then just take your regular cold medicine). Unisom is a good sleeper one as well. It isn't very strong. And, if like me you go to bed at 8:30 and you wake up at 2:30, you can take another one and still be ok in the am.... My favorite all in one is Tylenol cold day/night.

    GOOD LUCK. That sounds like I take a lot of medicine. I have just tried them all....

  4. Lauren2:31 PM

    Too pooped to potty train! Haha! Was that intentional, or are you too tired to realize you're being punny? :)

  5. ha! ha! lauren beat me to the "too pooped to potty train?!" comment!

  6. I just hate it when I'm sick and desparate to get some rest, but my cold prevents it. I hope tonight is more restful.