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Monday, January 07, 2008

Birthday Parties

Caleb turns 5 this month. We've never had a real birthday party for him before. This year I asked him if he wanted to have a party. He said, "YES!". I then asked him what kind of party he wanted. "A PIRATE PARTY!". Okay, there you have it. I'm planning a pirate party for Caleb. I'm actually going a bit overboard (ha ha) with the planning. I'm sure Caleb doesn't care. But, every time I ask him what kind of party he wants it is always the same--a pirate party. Yesterday he said he wanted a pirate treasure hunt.

I've been doing some research and have found some really great ideas. Most of these involve a little work but not a lot of money. I can handle that. We're going to invite Caleb's primary class. There are quite a few kids and if they all come it could get pretty wild up in here. I can handle anything for an hour. Yes, an hour. That's it. Maybe 90 minutes? How much time do these kids need to get hopped up on sugar and find some treasure?

Check out these cakes. I think I'm going to make the pirate ship. I might just go crazy. But, this is what I was dreaming of when I wanted to have kids. Going crazy planning birthday parties. I'm totally in the zone.


  1. That is completely fun. I can't wait to see a picture of the cake. I've had a couple of parties for Bruce now and I've found that reading a book to the kids is an easy activity that they seem to like. Have you read How I Became a Pirate? It's a cute picture book that might hold the kids attention for a while.

  2. Ohhh, I did a pirate "Peter Pan Style" party once. We had all the kids take flying lessons. When they told us a happy thought, we gave them pixie dust "glitter roll-on makeup." Even the boys thought that was cool. Dad also acked the part of Captain Hook. Pirate Parties are the best!

  3. Arrrh Matie...(sp)???
    Will you line me out on a gift.
    Sounds like this will be a lot of fun!!!!
    Love Mom

  4. They had some pirates of the carribean toys on clearance at Target, just in case you wanted to top the cake or use for decorations. I think the reading to the kids at a party is a good idea, never thought of that before. And I think an hour is plenty of time for kids this age.

  5. I go overboard. So take what I say with that in mind.

    90 minutes should be about right, if you are having gifts. If it is a "no gift" party, you need less time. I always have a (homemade)pinata. Come on--you gotta give him a little Mexican culture. With kids this age, a little free playtime (like a play group) actually works very well. Have something planned to be doing as you are waiting for everyone to arrive. If you are brave enough, have a big tub/pool of sand to play in. That'd be fun. Also, decide if you expect parents to stay or not.

  6. Arghhhhh - you better post a pic of the cake you end up making! What fun will be had by all.

  7. Tiffany--I'd have a pinata for sure if it wasn't Caleb. He's a little too violent to be let loose with a stick. I do have a big ball pit I can have them play in. I'm sure some treasure might end up in there.

  8. Totally random - literally just before I read your blog I was looking at this new party line from Pottery Barn Kids and they have Pirate party stuff!!

    It's way overpriced, but maybe you can get some ideas from it. Happy planning!

  9. What inventive cakes! Ooooooh, how I wish I could be there! I hope you have time to take some pictures of the crowd. Have fun with the planning.

    My mom was so very impressed when I told her about the sneaker booties and other things you have for sale. Go, Christy!

  10. We got "How I Became a Pirate" for Dave for Christmas, it's great! I got it at Target. Dave and Liz loved having it read to them.

    Dave got to go to a pirate party last year. The Mom even buried treasure in the backyard and gave out maps, eye patches and bandannas. I suppose digging a hole in Nebraska in winter is pretty impossible though...

  11. Sounds fun! Ammon has had a pirate party for the last 2 years. I bought stuff at for a reasonable price. Last year we did a treasure chest cake, which was fun and easy and this year we did a treasure chest pinata (did you know you can get ones with pull-strings so you don't have to hit it with a stick?) and we did skull cupcakes instead of cake. Have fun!