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Thursday, January 03, 2008


It's a good thing school started back today because I could use the break. I've got my January cold. Eva's not feeling so great either so we're going to lay around the house today indulging our every whim. I'm going to try a new flavor from my fruit tea sampler (maybe black cherry berry or cranberry apple zinger), put it in my butt mug (it's an Oklahoma thing), add a bit of honey, and enjoy! I wonder if Eva will let me watch Order of the Phoenix this morning? She might be persuaded.

Did you watch the Tostitos Bowl last night? I'm sad OU lost but I was so impressed with West Virginia that I wasn't too disappointed when they won. It was a really good game. I can't wait for the Kansas/Virginia Tech game tonight. Who are the Traylors going to root for?


  1. Yuck. I hope Eva is on her best behavior today. . .or at least she leaves you alone right?

  2. Eva's sick, too so she's kind of lethargic as well. We're both just lying around resting up for when the tasmanian devil comes home from school. We have one hour left!

  3. Well, I certainly hope that the sickies don't last long.

    Of course, living in Oklahoma we are disappointed by the results of last night's game as well. To make it even worse my in-laws live in West Virginia. We already got one call last night before half time teasing us, I can almost guarantee there will be another one tonight.

  4. Janet4:43 PM

    I'm sorry to hear the bug has caught you. I hope you can get some good rest and that Caleb is good today.

  5. Virginia Tech baby!!!! If it was Kansas State it might be different.

    Hope you feel better!

  6. ugh- stinks being sick! I sneezed twice on Sunday and have been chowing down vitamins ever since. Hopefully it helps- usually doesn't...but I feel better doing something in the effort to prevent! Its just like trying to catch crayfish in a swimming pool...useless!

    gotta love gma's southern wisdom tidbits!