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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Big Day

I had a big day planned today. Whitney came over to play with Eva, this afternoon is the day Caleb's teacher comes over for a home visit, and tonight we were going out for pizza while Daddy is busy at traffic school.

That all changed when Eva puked. Darn it all. It was really nasty, too. I washed Whitney's rocket backpack (it was in the line of fire), and disinfected all the toys that she brought. She's back at her house now so it is just me and Eva chilling. Eva is running around like no big deal. I'm hoping it was just something that didn't sit quite right with her and not a bug she could pass along. Time will tell.

I canceled the teacher visit.

Maybe I'll get dinner delivered instead.

I'm bummed.

This makes me feel better.


  1. Jonah threw up on Sunday night, but was fine right after. Hopefully nothing else will develop with Eva.

  2. I love that human tetris! Maybe we could somehow manage that for a ward activity? Or your 8/8/08 party?

  3. THAT was hilarious!

  4. That was funny!!!! I hope no one else pukes:)