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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Wednesday

1. I'm so glad American Idol is back!

2. Carl and I are seriously looking into purchasing a house on our street to use as a rental.

3. Last night the kids played at the Ager Center at a special session for kids with developmental delays. IT WAS AWESOME!!! We go every Tuesday night for 6 weeks.

4. The Target $1 spot has some really cool pirate stuff that I got for Caleb's party.

5. The PeaPod sweater is almost finished.

6. The Valentine mailboxes are in my shop.

7. The Bon Jovi concert is a just month away!

8. I've made $50 using PayPerPost. Not bad, for 4 blog posts.

9. I have 4 people on the N-Lighten Nebraska team so far. You have until tomorrow to decide if you want to do it with us!

10. I can't find the remote to our DVD player. This wouldn't be too big of a deal if the power button on the player wasn't broken. We can't use it unless we have the remote. I guess I can't watch Hairspray tonight while I'm knitting unless I can figure out where Caleb put it. He's not telling.

What random things are happening in your life?


  1. Hi Christy,
    I just came upon your blog through a few other old friend's from Lafayette blogs. My name is Ashley and we were in the ward out there about 4 years ago. At the time I had 1 little boy Kody. Anyways, you and I actually went to Oprah together and lucked out and got cool free little cheesecake pans... rememeber me? Either you do or you think I am some crazy women... It was so much fun reading your blog. I will check back often. I can't believe you sell so many darling clever things! You are so creative! Nice reading about you and your darling family. I just barely started a blog, it's private but if you want an invite email me @

  2. What a bummer about the DVD remote. I remember when the battery in ours died and we couldn't play any part of any DVD except for the default option. And, of course, the remote took a watch type battery and not something normal like AAs.

  3. random. . .hmm. . .isn't most of my life random?

    Anyway, are you buying the skater-dudes house across the street with the half-pipe in the living room? SUWEET!

  4. Ashley- I emailed you!

    Wendy- I don't think we could afford the house with the half pipe in the living room. I'm sure that raises the value!

  5. I'm happy that American Idol is back, too! (I'm watching it as I type.)

  6. On next week's American Idol when they go to San Diego watch for my nephew, Imari. He made it to Hollywood but not to the finals.