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Monday, January 14, 2008

Candidate Quiz

I found this website the other day and thought I'd share it with the blog.

The statements are interesting and it is meant to be a guide to help you figure out which candidates are closest to your political philosophy.

I am still undecided as of yet. Really, it doesn't quite matter who I support at the moment. My vote in the primaries will have very little to do with anything. I'm still interested in learning more about the candidates, though.

On this quiz I scored closest to Guliani and Ron Paul. In real life I'm probably leaning more towards McCain. A lot of people assume I'm voting for Romney because he is a Mormon. Religion doesn't really play into my decision making at all. However, I don't like how the other candidates are using it against him. I would vote for a person of any religion if I thought they would do a good job. I'm just not totally convinced about Romney. Truth be told, I'm not totally convinced about any of them---and I may never be.


  1. I never had any plans to vote for Romney, but Mike Huckabee's underhanded little anti-Mormon digs make me want to turn my blog into an anti-Huckabee platform. I like John McCain, but if this is the same website I used, it says I'm closest to Dennis Kucinich.


  2. Oh dear, I'm in trouble. NO ONE was even within my little circle. As I answered those "propositions" I realized that my views can be quite different just depending on the subject matter. I hadn't even heard of the guy I was closest too. . .

  3. I've taken a couple of those quizzes, and every time I end up closest to Ron Paul. Yes, when it comes to the issues I agree with most of what he says, but there are a few big issues that make me uncomfortable with voting for him. I'll have to do a lot of thinking before the final election this fall, that's for sure.

  4. When I took one of those surveys, I forget who was closest (at about 32%) to my views. I'm a Romney supporter. What I've read about him is impressive. There are a couple of other Republicans I could support, but not all of them. However, if I had to choose between a Republican I didn't like and the Democrat nominee,.... No contest!

  5. mary pat3:16 PM

    I guess you know that some of your knitting friends are real liberals. I wasn't surprised that mine came out closest to Obama and furthest from Thompson. My son's girlfriend is a conservative Morman and was shocked that she actually matched Obama.

    As a woman - I am supporting Hillary, but would be happy with any Democrat.

  6. Well, I guess I'll be voting for Ron Paul. ??? Thanks for the site, that was fun!