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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

By the Numbers


4 times I cleaned up vomit
5 poopy diapers
3 times I found poop not in diapers or a toilet
1 nap taken by Eva
3 glasses of 7 up kept down by Eva
2 Harry Potter movies watched (4&5)
3 episodes of MacGyver (Eva loves this show and requests it!)
2 Pepsis consumed (by me)
730 Kleenexes used (approximate)
3 loads of laundry
30 minutes of time Carl saw the kids yesterday
2 pizzas delivered
4 hours Carl spent at traffic school (funny story: Ryan M. from church was there, too. If only Casey W. had received a ticket they could have had their YM Presidency meeting)
2 nighttime prayers offered by Caleb--one for blessing the primary, one for blessing Big Caleb (a boy from church that babysat him once)
1 mitten knit after the kids went to bed

Hoping for a better day today.


  1. Isn't it great being a mom? I hope you have a MUCH better day today.

  2. Sending you wishes for a better day today. I hope Eva is feeling better.

  3. That is a nightmare. At least it can't be worse today, right? I hope all the sickness is out of the way for the winter now.

  4. It can be worse. I'm puking now. At least Carl came home for 2 hours this afternoon so I could take a nap.

  5. Oh no. I'm sorry it ended up being terrible. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing that she doesn't pass to all of you! Oh NO! Now I just read down the comments! Yuck.

    Hold on. . .After all, tomorrow is another day. . .hopefully puke free.

    Good news. . .Whitney isn't puking. . .and neither is rocket!

    Funny about the traffic school meeting!

  6. Ouch. Having sick kids is one of my least favorite aspects of being a mom. Hope you can get some sleep tonight!

  7. Wendy--I'm SO GLAD to hear Whitney isn't sick. I was so worried.

  8. It's days like this that remain indelibly etched in memory. I recall the time when Carl was 1 1/2 and we all had it at the same time. I remember feeling a bit guilty that I was glad Carl had it too (he was listless) so we wouldn't have to chase him around. Whoever was least sick at the moment got to clean up the puddles. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  9. Ok - Now you have sent it our way via the internet :( Timothy was checking out the cute Chucks on your sidebar last night while I was reading and this morning he is keeping me hoping with clean up duty- so far none has made it to the bathroom although he is currently hugging the potty but has nothing left. I guess I just wait for Claires turn :o