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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Project 365 (366)

Our week in pictures.

I think you'll notice a theme. Caleb has a new favorite sweatshirt. It happens to belong to Eva. Every day when he comes home from school he wants to put it on. Some of these pics look like I may have taken them on the same day, but he really did wear this Dora sweatshirt almost everyday. Eva got to put it on one of the days when Caleb was at school.

Invitations sent out for Caleb's birthday party.


I spent a fair amount of time last night in my craft room. I'm decoupaging those little mailboxes and filling them with "love notes" to put up on etsy. I'll finish them tomorrow.


Eva playing with her Little People and pirates today after church.


  1. Janet5:41 PM

    Soooooooo cute. Thanks for sharing. I think I like Project 365!

  2. Love the invites- and that Dora sweatshirt is so becoming.... At least its not the ballerina dress that Tim Steals from Claire. We took them to the Lafayette Nutcracker Ballet and they both want to dress up :)

  3. You are a busy lady! And I love the sweatshirt story, kids are so fun. Hope the mailboxes do well for you on Etsy - they are adorable!

  4. Those invites are super cute! I wonder how much longer Caleb will fit in that sweatshirt??

  5. I need one of those mailboxes!!! I've been wanting to do something fun for Valentines for Jason, that would be perfect! Last year I did 14 days of Valentines and he loved it. Let me know when it's up on Etsy and I'll get one.

  6. I get the impression that your kids arn't all that crazy about pant! lol. Fun pics.

  7. teresa- Caleb still has problems with fine motor skills and has a hard time getting his pants on and off. So, if I want him to go pee in the potty by himself--has has to be without pants or wearing sweatpants. Eva's still in pull ups, too, so it helps. Funny thing---when I put pants on them they automatically think we are leaving the house. ;)

  8. My kids were the same way. I remember two years when there was nothing we could do to get one of ours in pants. And when potting training, speed of declothing is a must!