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Friday, January 26, 2007


This time last year I was gearing up for the Knitting Olympics. In two weeks' time I made a gorgeous shawl. Remember it? Here it is at the medal ceremony. It made a poor showing at the State Fair (I blame the judges, of course!) and I forgot to enter it into the county fair! My Snowdrop Shawl is now living it up in Oklahoma with my mom.

I had so much fun making it, that I'd like to make another lace shawl next month. I won't have the crazy deadline like the Olympics. I'll give myself the whole month to finish it. I already have some yarn (the same I used for Snowdrop---100 grams of baby alpaca in ivory instead of red). What I don't have is a pattern.

I'm looking for something free (like the Snowdrop Shawl from the Yarn Harlot) or something I can download for less than $3.

This shawl is destined to be a county and state fair entrant. It will then be gifted to the person that I feel would appreciate it the most. Would you appreciate a hand knit shawl? Let me know.


  1. Sorry - I don't have a pattern... Who would not love such a shawl. I know that I was telling Steve this winter I had a black formal dress but it just needed something else like a shawl. I would put one to use...but am sure there are more worthy individuals. BTW have fun in vegas maybe next year I can go on a girls weekend once Steve finishes spending all the extra money on College courses.

  2. What a silly questions!!! Who wouldn't want a Christy original!

  3. Deanna- we'd love to have you come on a girls weekend sometime soon! And, you're totally worthy of a shawl. You're in the running.

    Mary-don't you know it, girlfriend. I'm dreaming up a little Vegas girls weekend inspired souvenir fo you and Megan.

  4. Oh baby! I can't wait!