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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cheapo Vegas

I found a really fun website called Cheapo Vegas. The reviews are hilarious to read.

Here's what they had to say about The Orleans:

The Orleans (Off-Strip)
Fantastic for the price. Every room is spacious, has big beds and a separate sitting area. We don't mean a crummy little table and dining chairs, we mean comfy loungers, maybe even a sofa to call your own. The bathrooms are decent, but not fancy. There is enough space to spread out, or lie against the cool floor when you think you're going to puke. A really neat touch is the little window in the tub/shower that opens to the outside world, so you can yell at people in the parking lot while you bathe. We usually yell, "Come on up, the water's fine!" Rooms have hairdryers. TVs are plenty large, for after you lose all your money and want to watch Judge Judy. These rooms aren't for people who hate frilly stuff because the rooms are awfully prissy. Rooms have hair dryers and irons. they also offer Internet hook-ups for those of us obsessed with our Fantasy sports leagues.

From what I've read so far this seems like it could be a contender. It's off-strip but there is a shuttle that will drop you off at the Barbary Coast on the Strip (right across from Celine). I've checked out a couple websites for prices and it looks like we can stay there for an average of $80-90 a night per room. They have a spa, movie theater, a bowling alley, and Air Supply will be performing there the days we're there. Come on, Wendy...Air Supply. It's a shame we'll miss Donny Osmond. He'll be there in March.

The Las Vegas Hilton has BARRY MANILOW! Their rooms are also much more expensive. But, they might be better and they are right on the Strip. Any place we stay is not going to equal the comfort we had in Breckenridge. But, there is a lot more for us to do in Vegas so the actual time spent in the rooms is going to be less. It looks like we'd average around $120/night at the Hilton.

Should we dream big? There's always The Venetian. They have an awesome spa, gondola rides, bathrooms as big as my first apartment, and shopping along the canals. You also have to pay over $350 a night.


  1. Another thought for tickets is to check into Allegiant Air... they are a casino run airliner and often have cheap tickets available (I got tickets from Las Vegas to Fresno, CA for $28 each way. plus tax... I paidel ike $100 for my round trip tickets.

    If you gals have any quesions about Las Vegas please feel free to ask, I'd be happy to help out. Also, if you are interested in finding scrapbook stores, etc. I can point ya in the right direction :)

    Just so you know I'm not some crazy btw, I'm Carl's cousin haha. (Maybe I am a little crazy but) I am related!

  2. I've stayed at the Mirage before. It was great. We even had a view of the volcanoe so we could watch it erupt from our room if we wanted. Their pool is really nice too.

  3. We're totally flying Allegiant Air from here! That's why we're coming on Wed-Sat (the only days they fly from Lincoln). It's $59 each way non stop.

    Kristi- I haven't met a cousin of Carl's that I haven't liked!

  4. My sister was married at The Venetian and if you're thinking 'cheap tacky Vegas wedding (like I was), think again. It was beautiful. Anyway, as part of the deal she got a good rate on her room there and 'wow.' Personally, I like the hotel with Air Supply, but since my plans are up in the air I don't think my vote counts. Too bad about Donny...

  5. Melessa-is it wrong of me to hope for bad weather in Oklahoma? I hope you can make it!

  6. Whoa Nelly! I'm looking for an affordable hotel, so think reasonable (not cheap-o) and frilly is fine. Either Megan or I will have a car, but how many seats available is up in the air depending on other people that might come. Of course, we don't all have to go one place at one time, so anywhere Meg or I goes anyone else is welcome!

  7. Cheapo Vegas rates all of the major hotels in Vegas and rates their "value". We can be sure to avoid the ones that are rated Shabby (like most of the Downtown hotels and Circus Circus).

    I don't want to stay in a dive, Mary!

  8. Kudos on your research. We just went to Vegas and did pretty well, but you are performing to a higher level. I would have really kicked myself if Allegiant Air flew between someplace close to us and Vegas and we missed it. I bet Carl is as excited as I am to hear about that direct flight from Lincon for $0.59.

  9. Christy-So far, the weather hasn't been as bad as predicted, but it's sleeting again right now. My kids would love an extra day home and so would I. (I'm in major organizing mode right now-I'm so proud of my kitchen and pantry that I want to post pictures.)

    Speaking of dives, you should see where Anne and I stayed on the last Vegas trip. But wait, you can't. It's been torn down. My uncle didn't want to let us sleep there, but we thought it was novel and fun. It was also walking distance to The Venetian (where the wedding was) and all the other places we wanted to go. And it had free phone, free airport shuttle, and free breakfast. (And a very scary drunk guy in the parking lot our last morning there.)

  10. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Barry Manilow is actually living on a boat off Sardinia. The guy who songs in Vegas is actually Clay Aikin's twin, in lots of pancake makeup.