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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

We're spending the day at home today. There's a fair amount of snow outside and it sure looks pretty! We took the kids out yesterday to make a snow man (more like a mountain) and realized that what they really need are new hand knit mittens. I made one pair last night and I'll finish the other during the Nebraska football game this morning. They should be ready to go outside again this afternoon. I'll post some pictures from yesterday and maybe today later on. The camera is downstairs and I don't want the kids to see me.

I've spent a fair amount of time in my craft room doing some organizing. We got the bed out of there so now I have more space to work with. Also, since the last time I organized in there I started selling Stampin' Up so I have more stamping stuff to deal with.

I haven't thought of any resolutions yet. I did a horrible job keeping last year's so maybe I'll just skip them this year. I guess I do have some things I'd like to work on this year. My roller skating injured bum is feeling well enough that I think I can call my new trainer and get started again. One goal I do have is that I'd like to blog every day. A blog a day. For me, I think that won't be too difficult. I may need to have some flexibility as far as being out of town and things like that. I could "bank" posts if I blog more than once a day. Hmmm. Maybe it would be better if I thought about my blog posts more before I just came to the computer and just sat down and started typing.

Enjoy the day! I'll be cleaning and rooting for a couple of football teams today. Boomer Sooner!


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