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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vacation Days

This is my 39th post of the month. I think I've done pretty well keeping up my habit of blogging every day. I'm now banking 8 "vacation" days for the future.

Speaking of vacations, Carl will be spending next week in Long Beach, CA for a conference. We went with him twice last year for conferences in Long Beach. Now that Catherine has moved, I just don't see the point in us tagging along. Plus, Caleb would do better by not missing school for 3 days (it's a short week next week). I'm planning on going to the Y every day and taking the kids to the babysitter's at least one afternoon for a little respite for me. I'm not looking forward to spending the week without my spouse but I look at it as "earning" my girls weekend getaway. I also just found out that he's going to go to L.A. again in September for another conference (in addition to going to Vegas in April and September). His job is so demanding. ;)

Speaking of jobs, I'm trying to get more organized. I've got a craft room to clean up (constantly) and the bedrooms need help. I'd like to get a handle on things around here so I can work more on my Stampin' Up and craft show goodies. Maybe I'll set another daily goal (like blogging) and work on it for February. I'll think about it today and get back with you all, faithful readers.

Speaking of faithful readers, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Christy, I was going to buy Celine tickets today for Mary and I. Are you in? Would love to make sure you're seated with us! I'm going for the cheap 2nd mezzanine middle seats, ~$80+tax/fees.
    My email is
    Anyone else can email me too if you're on board for Vegas! Woo-hoo!
    Thanks! Megan

  2. I am so there. I just sent you an email.

  3. I'm so jealous! I wanna go. But I don't want to be driving all alone. Have fun. Celine is so worth it to see it once.

  4. Oh, I meant to comment on the blog, but then I saw the comments. Anyway, I always thought that craft rooms were supposed to be messy. That means you use it. Isn't that right?

  5. I am your most faithful reader!

  6. Joanne11:00 AM helps you get organized. Have you tried that? I do some of the stuff, but my craft area is way messy right now. Part of the problem is all the UFOs hanging out there, but most of the problem is that I don't clean up after myself!

  7. Flylady did nothing for me but clutter up my inbox. But, I know it is like the home cleaning bible for some people.

    I think I'm going to try and get one household chore done per day (minimum).

  8. Oh great, I was already feeling like moving from sunny Cal may have been a mistake and now THIS! Grrr.

    Are there any conferences in Seattle?

  9. I'm sure there will be one someday! We'll get out there sometime soon. We can always start our Yellowstone vacation planning for 2010.