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Friday, January 12, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

Looks like we're probably going to Las Vegas. It's certainly not set in stone yet but we'd like to see what everyone else thinks. You're certainly not committing to anything by voicing your opinion. But, we won't change the place or the date for someone that is probably not going to come.

So far we have decided on Las Vegas from May 23-26. Everything we do on Girls Weeekend is optional. You get yourself there and pay for your part of the room. The rest of the time is yours. Want to go to a show? Fine. Prefer to spend all your time shopping. Good for you. Just want a massage and a kid free meal? Yippee. Want to spend all night at the blackjack table? We might want to have an intervention of some sort...

Anyway, spread the word and see who wants to join in the fun!


A. Count me in for Vegas! (are you 60% sure you're coming? 80%? 100%?)
B. I would go if it was someplace different.
C. I would go if it was a different time.
D. I'm not going but I want to vote.


  1. A. I'm 100% going to be there!

  2. A. This post is for my sister, Megan, she'll be there. 100%!

  3. I forgot to post that Megan is asking a friend, Ashley, and I'm asking a friend too. I'll post when we know.

    Megan also said that she has had friends stay at the Flamingo, she saw someone had mentioned it. Megan has heard good things about it too.

    I stayed at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson when I went to Vegas last summer. I was there for a conference so the room was discounted. But it had a movie theater, food court inside the resort and shopping across the street (Pottery Barn and such) and restraunts (PF Changs!). There were spa treatments at the hotel too, but they were expensive (at least more expensive than Breckenridge). It was about 15 minutes from the airport.

  4. I'm getting a visitor's guide mailed to me in the next week or so. I've stayed at New York New York. It was okay but I probably wouldn't want to stay there again.

    It's going to be hard to beat the good deal we got in Breckenridge, I think.

  5. Hey Christy, It looks like I'm probably not going to make it this year. It's not the place or the time it's more the funding. There are way too many things going on this year that I need to travel to. So, I had to put this one on the back burner and then count it out.

    The good news is that in 2 and a half years we won't be college students anymore:)

    I will say that you totally need to eat at the RIO. It is the best buffet in Vegas.....and I know Vegas. Anything you want is there. It might not be as cheap as the other ones, but soooooo worth it.

  6. I won't be coming, but I second the Rio buffet. It's like $20, but there is everything! It's amazing. Too bad they don't stamp your hand so you can come and go all day. that would be nice.

    I have stayed at the Stratosphere, Circus Circus, and Excalibur. Been through the Luxor. Don't remember anything too thrilling about any of them. Once you have been in one casino, they all start to look the same. I think the Venetian would be cool.

    Have fun!

  7. The Luxor was nice, but I was a little freaked out since I went from the mission home to the luxor. It was weird. You'd think my parents would of got like a holiday inn or something not on the strip.

  8. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Hey, to quote myself correctly, I've heard there a way better places to stay than the Flamingo, and safer. All my instructor friends have stayed at the Flamingo for Fitness Conferences and said it's the Motel 8 of Vegas.
    My friend just emailed we "should stay at the Las Vegas Hilton, and it is totally worth the bucks to see Elton John." I'll look those up and check on it...
    Yeah! Megan

  9. A! Count me in. . .(I just have to chat with Matt about it first. . .)

  10. Really, Wendy???? Matt should let you go, right? Oooh, I'm getting really excited!

    Am I the only one that wants to see Celine Dion? I'll pass on Elton.

  11. I totally want to come, still working on talking John into it since he'd be in charge of 3 kids on his own. And of course, I WANT TO SEE CELINE AGAIN!!!! It's the last chance to see her while she's still there. I'll let you know if I can come once I get a definate yes or no from John. I'd have to decide whether to drive or fly. Plus, my cousin lives there. Am I invited? I guess I should verify.

  12. Heather--yes, you're invited. Bring it on, baby!

  13. Have you looked up the price on Celine tickets yet? There really isn't a bad seat in the whole place. We were on the top balcony and it was still a wonderful view.

  14. The cheapest tickets are $80 + $11 convenience charge. OUCH! I didn't pay this much to see NEIL! Carl said I could go, though. I think he's going to try to go when he's in Vegas in April.

  15. I think that's how much we spent when we went before too. It's worth it though I think. It's my fun budget I'll be spending so it'll be up to me whether I go. Do we have any estimate on cost for hotels? I guess it depends on where we stay.

  16. Christy-

    I can't really commit to anything yet because (as usual) snow days messed up the kids' last day of school which is now that Friday (25th). However, we have ice pelting down on us as I type this with more coming. So, who knows if there will be more cancellations to deal with? I have to be here for the last day of school because of PTA, but if it winds up being the Tuesday after Memorial Day, I might be able to manage it. I'll know more next Tuesday or Wednesday. I love me some Vegas and now that grandma has moved back here, I haven't had a good reason to go in years. (And Anne would join us if she weren't going to see some in-laws in Vienna. Can we blame her for picking Europe over The Strip? I think not.)

  17. That's too bad Anne's going to be having so much fun in Europe while we're schlepping it on the Strip. I want to meet her someday!

  18. Heather- We won't know what we're doing for a hotel for at least a few more weeks. We have to get a more definite count and then do some excellent research (Mary is queen of research) on some good deals.

  19. Actually I'm hoping someone would want to go see Danny Gans. . .my sister and bro-in-law said he is SO worth the ticket. He's a musical impressionist and is amazing!!

  20. I can vouch for the Rio. You can't believe the selection. You burn off half the calories just walking from one end to the other.

    If I were in Las Vegas, I would definitely see Celine Dion. Let me know how it is if you (or Carl) do get to see her.

    BTW, Carl's cousin, Kristi, lives in Henderson.

    Good luck with the planning. I hope it's not hot as @#$^*@%$ when you are there.

  21. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I WANT TO SEE CELINE! Let's get tickets for Thursday or Friday night. I think they range from 85-275, so maybe $100 range would be good seating?
    What did you guys think of the Hilton? The price range is $180-$250/night, really pricey. My other friend also recommends the Aladdin, soon to be Planet Hollywood she said.

  22. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Scratch that. The RIO is $250-$350/night and so is the Aladdin. Maybe the Hilton is the place to stay.

  23. Celine will only have a show the Thursday night that we're there. There were cheap seats that still looked pretty good available (2nd Mezzanine--front row center).

  24. Oh my Goodness Christy, if you guys come out here on a girls weekend you'll have to let me know (as we live just ... um... HERE!) I'd love to meet up with you and your friends if you guys have time!!!

  25. Kristi-Please come party with us! That would be great. Do you any recommendations on where we should stay?

  26. I'd love to come party with you gals! hehe. I do have to wait until it gets a little closer since I have deadlines with the magazine I work with (Scrapbook Dimensions's brand new)

    If you want to stay on the strip your prices will vary but if you'll have a car while here there are some cheaper hotels off the strip for a lot less... like South Coast Hotel and Casino which is about 15 minutes from the strip.

    If you want to stay on the strip I'd honestly suggest staying in the middle or south area so you have access to more things w/o needing a taxi or car. Also keep in mind that they have the monorail out here that isn't too expsenive and connects a lot of the hotels together.

    The Hilton is one of the stops for the monorail. You can also find cheap rooms at Circus Circus but I recommend calling them instead of looking online. I personally don't like that area of Las Vegas as it is a bit scary... hah. I like Treasure Island. Their rooms are pretty decent and of course Bally's also tend to have some good prices. Aladin is a little less used and is under construction so you may find better rates there since they may be losing traffic.

    I live really close to the Green Valley Ranch. It is quite nice, about a 10-15 minute drive to the strip (traffic pending) but if you don't have a car then staying off the strip isn't budget friendly. (Also Fiesta Henderson is another "locals" hotel as well as Sunset Staton) All of the local hotels (minus Fiesta) have a movie theatre, food court, and nearby shops. Sunset station has the Galleria Mall right across from it. Although if you stay on the strip the Fashion Show Mall is pretty big and neat to check out. Outside Green Valley Ranch is the district with some nice stores and restraunts.

    If you will be renting a vehicle then staying off the strip can be much better price wise but if you find a hotel deal on the strip it is just easier for site seeing, etc.

    Also, nearby Las Vegas is Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and Lake Mead.

    Once you figure out where you will be staying I can help fill you in on nearby things to see/do if you'd like :)

    Also, If I see any hotel deals advertised I'll let ya know ;)

  27. Okay, whether or not I am coming is still up in the air somewhat. I'm still working on justifying it and convincing my husband. Hopefully I'll know soon. I'll keep you posted. It sounds like a lot of fun.