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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Life of a Champion

I wore my shawl to church this morning. For such daintly lace, it sure was hot! I couldn't wear it the whole day because I was sweating in church. Plus, I didn't want Big Apple to spit pretzels all over it.
The medal ceremony was beautiful.

I tried to take Wendy's advice and not mess up the words to the national anthem. I decided to smile and look happy. And, of course, take a bite out of the medal. Why do they do this? Oh well.

I love being an Olympic champion. I love it so much that I've refused to take off my medal.

Sugar Daddy doesn't even question any more why I have him take these pictures. What a good husband!

The shawl is going to "retire" for a few months until she makes her glorious return at the Lancaster County Fair. If I don't win first place, the judges must be on crack.


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Beautiful just BEAUTIFUL!
    You look so cute in it too!

  2. I know! That gold medal really suits me! :)
    I guess the shawl is pretty rockin', too.

  3. The shawl is gorgeous. When you posted your poll I was leaning toward no edge trim, because I thought the shawl looked so good as it was, but I'm happy to say I was wrong. I might try to make one for myself because I'm constantly cold -- I could use a too-hot shawl (and I don't have any pretzel-spitters), but it looks HARD. Is this pattern easier than it looks? Actually, every shawl I've seen looks complicated to make. I think I'm a wussy knitter.

  4. I voted like Anne did for the same reasons, but I too was wrong. I love all these pics, Sugar Daddy IS a good sport.

    And yes, isn't it sad when we come up with great ensembles for church only to have our kids use them for tissues and/or trash receptacles. Good times.

  5. Christy, your shawl is beautiful! You better bring it to our next knitting meetup! I finished my socks today, working up until the last minute. Whew! I'm ready for a nap! Congrats on your gold medal.

  6. that is an awesome medal. wear it all the time...
    you look sooo pretty in your shawl.
    i'm with you the judge must be on crack or on somthing really good if it doesn't place.
    i'm rooting for you!

  7. Anne, you can totally do it! The pattern is a free one from they Yarn Harlot. It took me several tries to get it started correctly (it was my first real lace project) but once I got over my fear, it was a piece of cake. Go for it!

  8. I love it! You should be proud!

  9. I was away for a week and when I came back and read you back blogs I was DYING I was laughing so hard. You are a very funny gal!

    I love the shawl. I can't believe you made that. It makes me wanna learn to knit....kind of.

  10. I love the medal pics. Maybe you could hang it from your rear-view mirror like Shawn White said he was going to do. . .

  11. Wow, that is very inspiring. Maybe I'll finish that scarf you taught me how to do before Christmas. Now that it's 60 degrees out.

  12. Love it love it love it! What beauty! Congratualtions on completing it and being ablt to wear it so soon! I think you'll do well at the fair, a blue ribon for sure! Great medal too!