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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Next Level

It amazes me to no end that Eva and my sister Lisa have no genetic link whatsoever. With my sister it was fringe. She loved wearing fringe. Eva likes to look like a basketball star.

Last night Eva went into her room and came out looking like this.

Those are tights put on over her pants and then a pair of my "snow" socks on top of that. She has her shoes in her hand and tried to put those on as well but had little luck since my socks provided too much added bulk for them to fit.

And, now the "Cheese!" shot.


  1. I'm so impressed she was able to get all that on all by herself.

    When the kids were younger Matt loved to put on colored tights then a onesie, so they looked like superheros!!

  2. The cuteness is just killing me! I'm impressed so got all that on, too.

  3. That's pretty amazing she got those tights on! I have a hard time with that.

  4. julie6:02 PM

    I'm thinking you need to knit her a pink headband and wristbands to go with her pink outfits! ;)

  5. Little Caroline and her "Aunt" Lanie have no genetic link either, but she is so much like her that I feel like she showed up in my family by accident and that she really should be Lanie's. But I'll keep her anyway. I'm selfish that way.

    Eva is SOOO cute in these pics and, like everyone else, I'm impressed she did that all by herself.