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Monday, January 08, 2007


Caleb is now a Sunbeam! He made it through his first Sunday in Primary without incident. I'm pretty confident he's going to love his new class and going into Primary for singing time.

Eva can finally be in the nursery without big brother around!


  1. Yeah Caleb!

    It's a lot quieter in Mckenzie's nursery since 17 moved into Sunbeams. Can you believe that!

  2. He did great. He was so proud wearing his little I am a child of God hat thingy they made, and standing up in the front of all the primary kids. They all did great. I was so impressed.

    Hollie--seriously. .17? I think that requires like 4 sunbeam teachers!!!

  3. Yeah, I need to ask what they are doing with that.