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Friday, January 05, 2007


I got tagged by Amy at Some Call Them Sticks and Strings to do this meme. It's six wierd things about me.

1. I never attended second grade.
2. I can't go totally under water without plugging my nose or I'll gag and/or throw up.
3. I can pick up lots of things with my toes. They are very flexible. I can spread them out really far.
4. Whenever I see that the World's Strongest Man competition is on tv, I HAVE to watch it. Did anyone else see that an American (Phil Pfister) won this year?
5. I taught a high school subject that I never studied in school (I taught Spanish but took German in high school).
6. I'm addicted to Febreze.


  1. Interesting.....I have that weird toe thing too. I used to be able to write with my toes. I still might be able to I I just haven't tried lately. I can also pinch people with them as well.

  2. I'm great with my toes too. I used to write with my toes for fun. I also used to play nintendo with my toes. Fun stuff.

  3. Wow, I am so glad to hear y'al are proud of your toes. I did not know that I was different for a long time. Yes Christy get's her toes from me.

  4. So apparently my toes aren't so wierd. Or, I happen to surround myself with wierd toe people.

    I asked Carl to help me with this and he couldn't think of a single thing. He said that we've been together so long now that my wierdness is normal.

    Right back atcha, baby.

  5. Madison and you should have a toe stretching/picking up contest!! have you seen hers? When she was born I said she had monkey feet.

    I LOVE strongest man competitions. Those dudes are crazy (and HUGE!)

  6. That's hilarious! You are weird! Just kidding! I was gonna ask if you can pinch with your toes since I had a friend who could, and would do that! Someone beat me to that one.

    And the gagging under water thing...very interesting. I definitely did not know these things about you. Very informative and enlightening.