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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The End

Carl told me I had to go to church a little earlier this morning so I could get released from one of my callings. He said that they're trying to lighten my load since I seem to have my hands full. Unfortunately, my callings aren't as demanding as my "real" life and they can't really release me from any of those duties. But I must admit, as I was teaching the class for the last time this afternoon I started to feel a weight being lifted. I think it is going to help, at least a little bit. I still have my Relief Society job to keep me busy.


  1. Janet9:53 PM

    Either one of those assignments is sufficient unless the ward is really small. I'll bet you did a really good job with your class.

  2. The ward was pretty small but over the break we had a couple of more families move in. They were sorely needed, that's for sure!

  3. I (of course) was late, so I missed that. I was wondering what they were going to do with that age group, since we had hardly any new kids into there from primary.

    I know that calling was a little stressful. . .glad you get a little break. .

    "let's see, what job can we give Christy. . . ."

  4. We only had 3 leave, 2 came up and 3 moved in. They had to call someone else to take my spot. It's still 2 classes.

  5. Oh, I guess my calculating is as good as it was in high school.

    I forgot about all those new kiddos.