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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get Your Train On

My trainer is getting switched, AGAIN! I never technically had any sessions with the second one (because of my broken and/or bruised coccyx) but she doesn't seem to have time to add me on to her schedule. That's okay. She's in charge of all the fitness programming at the Y and she gave me some other options and some good advice. This is what I'm going to be doing...

Total Body Makeover
10 Week Challenge

Starting February 5th, I'll be competing (I can't pass up competition) with some other members at the Y to see who can earn the most points to win some services at a day spa here in town. Here is what the program includes:

1. Pre-Fitness Evaluation. I did this a couple of months ago before I started training. It will be interesting to see if I improved at all just from then.

2. Exercise Programming consultation. This will be a meeting with a trainer that I'll have throughout the entire 10 week session. The trainer will check up on me every two weeks during the competition.

3. Equipment orientation. I don't really need to do this again since I've already been through the orientation.

4. Nutrition Programming consultation. This is going to be the most important part for me, I think. I'll meet with a nutritionist and get a plan geared just for me (and my food preferences).

5. Mid-point fitness evaluation. We're going to have another fitness evaluation at 5 weeks.

6. Post-fitness evaluation. This one will be to measure success and determine the winner.

You earn points by completing workouts, following meal plans, improvement during fitness evaluations, inches lost, weight lost, body fat lost, etc...

I'm going to do this plan for the ten weeks and then use the rest of my personal training sessions after that. So, I will have some sort of trainer through June.


  1. Joanne7:50 AM

    Go Christy! I am jealous. I. Want. A. Trainer.
    Good Luck--I know you can do it.

  2. Awesome! I want to do that program! I am definitely going to need it in a few more weeks once this baby decides to come out of her "womb". She must really like it in there.

    Good luck to you! BTW...did you ever go to a doctor about your tailbone? My mom hurt her tailbone once too, and it hurt her for a very long time.I am sorry!

  3. Kerry- I didn't go into the office. I just chatted with my doctor on the phone. They treat it the same whether it is bruised or broken so unless I wanted an xray and a rectal exam (NO THANKS!) I didn't need to go. I'm thinking now that it must be broken. It doesn't hurt constantly anymore---just when I sit for long periods of time.

  4. Joanne-looks like your cross country skiing is as good of a workout than any I'm getting!

  5. Wow, what a program. Good luck.

  6. Yay points! I love points. This will be a lot of fun.

    Sorry about your tail.

  7. I wish I could join up! That sound awesome. . .a day at the spa is great motivation. Hope you start healing up. :)

  8. A little competition always helps in achieving a goal. That is if your competative. I'm sorry about your tailbone. When I delivered Callie her face was down rather than up and she popped my tailbone. It hurt for months. About five years later I had an exray at the chiropractor and there were signs of arthritis on it. It doesn't bother me though, just when the weather is changing then I get a little tickle on my backside.JK The night I delivered I feed her and struggled to put her into the baby bed. I put her on her back and a few minutes later she spit up and started choking. I couldn't move to get to her. I pushed the button for the nurse and said my baby was not breathing. Six nurses came running in. I was balling. She was fine after that but it was scary. Probably to much information but it was good therapy for me. I always love reading your blog. Good luck.

  9. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Amanda, the same thing happened to me with my baby! Her face was the wrong way and I broke my tailbone. It was sooo hard to walk the first month, and sit to nurse her was miserable. I asked for a donut to sit on after the delivery, and the nurses thought I was crazy. Then at my 4 WEEK appointment, my doctor told me I broke my tailbone, I finally didn't feel like such a whiner.
    Christy, the best meal plan is many small meals all day, that is, if they are healthy. I just learned to love yogurt because Rebecca loves it, so yummy! I also love apples and peanut butter, cheese and crackers, nuts and craisins, rolled-up deli meat... I could go on forever... yum.... I also heard you should eat sweet foods in the morning, like fruit and cereal, and more savory/salts food later in the day, like meat and veggies. It helps fend off night-time munchies and regulates your energy. Good luck, go girl!
    PS, Moms that workout happily in front of their kids are the BEST rolemodels! Hope you have fun doing it!

  10. Janet8:20 PM

    Good for you, Christy. I hope you win!