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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Readers, Beware!

The curse of bad days is spreading through blog land. Heather started it. Then, Kerry. Is it truly contagious?

I woke up this morning and got dressed. I mentioned to Carl that I had an excellent night of sleep and that I didn't remember waking up even once. He felt the same way. Things were looking promising.

Then, I took Caleb outside to catch the bus. I told him to hold my hand so he wouldn't fall. I took a step. I took him out. Yep, I fell flat on my recovering coccyx. You betcha. I was whining to Carl when I came in and he said, "Well, now you have something to blog about". Indeed, I do.


  1. It's true! I've got it too! I'm sick.

  2. Oh no, I've passed on the bad day curse I guess. My apologies to everyone who catches it.

  3. By the way, how is your coccyx (sp?) doing then? Is it going to mess up your exercise schedule? I hope not.

  4. I'm taking today off from exercising--my bum is pretty sore. It certainly doesn't feel as bad as it did after my roller skating accident so I don't think I made it much worse (crossing fingers!).

  5. Oh friend! I am so sorry! At least you were well rested, so that you weren't having sleep deprived issues as well. Now that would have magnified things about 100 million times! I am sorry about your sore bum...that really can't be good.

    On a good note, I am still congested, but today has been relatively awful free. It did take a while to get Logan to bed, but he is napping. I am not, but he is and that makes me a happy mama.


    OH no, the blog curse hit Matt and Whitney this morning. . .more news later. . .

  7. OUCH, that can't be good. I am so sorry!

    I'm holding my breath. . .

  8. I'm afraid to comment. I don't need any bad luck now...but I'm so sorry you got hurt again. What a bummer. Pun intended. :)

  9. Is THAT why I have this awful cold?!