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Monday, January 29, 2007

Caleb's FOUR Today!

Caleb is having an excellent birthday today. We've celebrated all weekend. These pictures were taken on Saturday. I made his cake in my little mini springform pans that I got free from the Calphalon store next to the Oprah show. The plate was made just before his 1st birthday at All Fired Up in West Lafayette, IN. I made one for Eva, too, right before we moved. If we ever get another kid I'll have to find a new place to make my plates! We're having cake again tonight (chocolate) and his best friend, Spencer, is coming over.

I'm sure they will have a blast playing with this toy that Grandma and Grandpa Greer picked out. *While Caleb was not wearing pants when we took this picture on Saturday, he is wearing pants today* We're also giving him his little mini trampoline tonight. Eva picked out a t-shirt for Caleb that says "Ladies Man". Oh boy, is that the truth. I think he scares some of the little girls in his preschool class. When he gets off the bus he tells them that he loves them. If they don't say anything back he says, "Say, I love you too!".

We went to his classroom this morning for snack time. Caleb got to wear a blue crown with all sorts of stickers and glitter on it. He's been practicing saying how old he is now. We worked so hard for him to learn to say that he was three and he really just mastered answering that question a couple of months ago. He's been mostly right today. I'm so proud of him!

He's looking forward to having some more cake today. He calls it "birthday cake me out to the ballgame". Good stuff.


  1. Mom--I blogged by 4pm! I told you between 2-4. I'm so good.

  2. Thanks Christy, I have been checking every 15 min. I love the pictures. Have fun tonight.

  3. mirabella4:20 PM

    Happy B-day, Caleb!

  4. Happy birthday cake me out to the ballgame! that's hiilarious! I hope he has a great birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, Caleb! I think you're lying about the pants Christy, does Caleb own pants? What's with all the pantless pictures? Maybe he should get pants for his birthday.

    I'm teasing of course... ;)

  6. Happy Birthday Caleb! He's getting to be such a big boy. We miss you guys and him.

  7. Happy Birthday Caleb!!

  8. Happy birthday Caleb!

    Cute plate too--there's a place down in the haymarket called "paint yourself silly" where you can make one! And great idea! I'm going to have to do that for the kiddos!

    p.s. Daughtry tickets are already gone. dang it.

  9. too cute! Happy belated birthday, caleb- we miss your energy in nursery!