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Monday, January 15, 2007

On the Menu

I'm really excited about the dinner I am preparing for tonight.

It's from Rachael Ray's 365 No Repeat Cookbook (I think it's #115).

Jambalaya Burgers with Cajun Corn and Red Beans

It's similar to this recipe for Cajun Pork Burgers.

I'm making them with ground turkey and the recipe even calls for some shrimp on top. Yum-O.

For dessert I'm making apples wrapped in phyllo dough. I made a different RR recipe a week ago that used phyllo dough so I'm trying to use the rest of it.


  1. Not sure its fair to hand out a menu without an invitation:-)

  2. julie5:29 PM

    mary pat, not sure it's fair to post a link to a blog that we can't read ;-)

  3. Mary Pat, you can come by anytime if you don't mind eating with toddlers.

    I never got around to making the dessert. We had some major meltdowns with Caleb and a major poo incident with Eva. Good times.

    The burgers were delicioso.

  4. Hmmm...not sure if delicioso burgers, and major poo incident should be mentioned so near to each other. Makes me think twice about those burgers!

  5. *lol* Oh, don't you just love the type of conversations that come up when children are involved. :)