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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Eva's Hooded Sweater

I finished seaming up Eva's sweater and sewing on the buttons so today wasn't a total bust. It fits her like a dream! It's got a little pocket in the front. The pattern is a leaflet from Wendy/Peter Pan. While I was knitting I was thinking the pattern was a piece of junk but now that it is finished and it looks so great I'm beginning to forget about it. Still...I think the next one I make will have some major changes. There is really no reason for the raglan sleeves to be sewn in. It can easily be done in one piece. The yarn I used is Kaleidescope DK . It's a lilac colorway (I can't remember exactly what it was called and I don't have the ball band handy). I bought a few extra skeins in a denim color so I can make one of these for Caleb. There is an option for a zippered collar with no hood. I think I may do that version instead for Caleb.


  1. Adorable! You are so talented.

  2. That is such a cute sweater. Do you hire out for other people's kids? My girls would each love one of those.

  3. With the time I put into them I would have to charge about $75 each. Still want some? ;)

  4. How much time and yarn money are we talking here? I'm trying to decide if I should take up knitting so I can make something like this. It's so cute!

  5. Total knitting time: approximately 8 hours.

    Cost of yarn: $12 (actually it was free because I got it with my gift certificate that I won from the State Fair)

    Not counting cost of needles and any other accessories because I already had the right sizes and didn't need to purchase anything else special.

    Most things that you can knit (if you want them cute) cost more in supplies than it would be to just buy them at Target or Walmart. HOWEVER--I can always say, "I made it myself!".

    If you take up knitting just to get a finished project, it's probably going to be frustrating. If you're in it to knit for the joy of knitting, then it is totally worth it.

    It is a pretty awesome hobby.

  6. Janet5:05 PM

    I love that sweater (and the model, too!!)!

  7. You really are one talented chica! I am impressed constantly by your skills. You are amazing!

  8. I am way impressed. . . I'll be happy if I can maybe make a hat. :) Very inspiring, though!