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Friday, January 05, 2007

Bloody Friday

The day started out innocently enough. I finished putting together my cards (the sample is in my craft post from yesterday) while Eva slept. I finished a load of laundry. I ate a leisurely breakfast. Once Carl left and Eva was awake---things went downhill. Fast.

The phone rang. I couldn't find it. So, I went to my room to use the speaker phone. In that time, Eva decided to use her new found door opening skills to go into my craft room. After I was done on the phone (car dealer making sure everything is okay and if I had gone to pick out my jewelry yet), I went to look for Miss Eva. The craft door was closed so I didn't think to go in there. I looked all around downstairs. I went back upstairs. I looked in the shower (one of her favorite places to hang out). I finally heard some laughing in the craft room. I opened the door and she was looking out the window at some squirrels. I looked on the craft table and saw a fully opened box cutter (it was closed before--I don't just leave open box cutters around!) with blood dripping off the handle.

What would you do in this situation? I kind of had a mini freak out. She wasn't crying so I knew it was either a little cut or it was so bad that she was in shock. I found the cut on her finger. It was bleeding like crazy cakes and she wasn't too cooperative to let me apply pressure. She soaked through a couple of band aids and pulled off a couple more before I found one made for finger cuts and put it on as tight as I could without making her finger fall off from lack of circulation. That seemed to do the trick. In between all the bloody band aids I called the nurse to see if there was anything else I should do (it really would NOT stop bleeding!).

She's perfectly fine but I have little bloody handprints in my craft room and all down the stair railing.

Things slowed down a bit and then Caleb came home. He's making up for the good times he gave us over Christmas. The party's over. He has been non stop aggressive for two days straight. This will explain why I'm locked up in my room right now blogging instead of downstairs with my family. Time for a break. Mommy's tired of wrestling a monster of an almost 4 year old all day. As soon as Carl came home I punched the time clock for at least an hour. If this is any indication, I've been limiting my consumption of Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi to a max of two a day. Today's already been a 4 Pepsi day.

Oh, and by the way, the phone was in the bread basket.


  1. Holy Hannah. . . you deserve a break. Blood is much scarier when it is coming from your own child! Glad she's okay. I'll pray you can handle Caleb. It sounds hard. . . Drink another pop if you have to. :)

  2. That is horrible! At least the day is over. My children lost their minds today too and were put to bed at 6:30. I hope Carl cleans the blood up.

  3. Yikes! Logan seems to be drawn to the sharp things in my craft room as well. The only time he has cut himself so far though has been on a razor blade from the shower.It also freaked me out more than him. He didn't cry either.

    You are a brave, strong woman! I am amazed by you and your challenges. You are doing great! Hang in there! And drink up!

  4. Wow, we had to put all those door handle covers all over the house and on her door handle inside her room. There was a whole week where she would get out of bed and open the a hundred times a night.

    I'm glad it wasn't too serious. What do you use to get blood off the paint?

  5. Magic Eraser to the rescue!

    The blood seeped into the window sill when she was looking at the squirrels. I've gotten that up as much as I can but if you look closely and know what you're looking for--you can tell.

    I've got a door handle cover on there now. It only took Caleb a week or two to figure those out. I wonder how long it will take Eva.

  6. The Magic Eraser is a lifesaver. If it weren't for that my house, and furniture would be soooo ruined. What a wonderful invention. I have those child locks on every door in my house that goes outdoors. I also have one on my craftroom. We used to have to put it on the girls room to keep them from coming out. That didn't work long. Emily figured it out, but somehow she cannot get it to work on the ones that go out of the house. It's the difference in the door handle size and shape. Heck, several adults have a hard time getting out of our house too. Emily can get into my craft room if she really wants to, but she knows it is off limits. Alexa still cannot open that one. Good Luck! It might help to try changing the type of door handle on that room.

  7. Hi. I found you via cjane, I think it was. I'm sorry about the bloody finger experience. I remember those days. Arrrrrrgh! Glad you have a lock on your bedroom door--I never did and there were times I really needed one.

    I can so relate to the fact that your phone was in the bread basket!

    (p.s. I once wrote a blog about the magic behind Magic Eraser...)

  8. These crazy kids! Where do they get this? At least you can say it's really NOT genetic. I'm out on that one!! Yesterday, while being "watched" by her sisters, Whitney almost grabbed my glue gun (it had cooled down by then but still!!), and of course there was the climbing out of her crib and banging everything with the screwdrivers she picked up! AGH!
    I'm glad Miss Eva is fine. . .I remember when Madison was about 7 weeks and we were flying with her, I decided to cut her fingernails while we were waiting for the plane. . .I cut her pinky just a titch too close and that finger bled like I had sliced it off!!! I was flipping out, then of course, while Matt's running around trying to find some bandaids she filled her pants, so I'm changing her in the bathroom, she's giggling and moving all over with her finger flying around flinging blood everywhere. . .I'm sure I got more than one strange look that day! We went through several sets of bandaids wrapped all around her poor little pinky. . .but just like Eva, she was happy as pie!

  9. I'm glad Eva is ok. Scary times we're living in, with kids and all:) I do love hearing about everyone elses freak out moments with thier kids, Its nice to know you'r not alone!

    You have been busy crafting up a storm! Thanks for the link for the kid sized mittens! I printed it up and I think I'll start on them tonight!

  10. Janet5:58 PM

    Poor Eva. Poor Christy!!! Sorry Friday was a bad day. I hope the weekend is better. I used to sing to my kids to distract them or get them to hold still. (Didn't always work.)