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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mall of America

The Mall of America is in Minnesota. It would be a day's drive from Lincoln but from New Mexico, that would be a stretch! At least we'd have a car available if we choose to go there. There is an IKEA in Minneapolis, too. We would have the option of staying in a hotel at the Mall or we could make our trip be central to Minneapolis and take advantage of fun things to do there as well. There is a light rail service between the Mall and downtown Minneapolis.


  1. I finally posted about Arizona!

  2. When does Carl get a vacation????

  3. Gayla--since you seem to think Carl is an underprivileged husband, he spent a week on Amelia Island, FL last summer, he's going to Vegas for a week in April and then again in September (without any of us). He's perfectly happy giving me 3-4 days of vacation by myself a year since I spend the majority of my life caring for our family (including a son with special needs).

  4. You forgot to mention that there is no sales tax there!!! Spend, spend, spend!!

    Oh, and Christy, don't forget about Carl maybe going to FRANCE every summer!!!! (did you guys decide anything on that yet??)

  5. He's not going this year for he tells me. But, I'm sure he'll go sometime soon. I can't blame him for wanting to. If I had the chance to spend a month where I served my mission, I'd do whatever I needed to in order to get there!