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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Finally! My post about my state fair winnings.

I thought I'd start with a picture of the kids wearing their Eskimo Joe's t-shirts that I bought for them during our trip to Oklahoma. They're pretty dang cute.

I was disappointed with a few of the placings. My Snowdrop Shawl only got 4th! Are they crazy? They displayed it rather poorly as well. I had also entered it into a special contest ($25 gift certificate from Personal Threads) for an item knit from all natural fibers (it's 100% alpaca). I didn't win that.

I had a few other 4th place finishes--a bib (I neglected to take a picture) made from the One Skein book, and my wavy scarf from Knitty. I expected the scarf to do better. I've included a picture of one that beat it. Huh? What the heck? My beautiful 100% wool scarf was beat out by some furry thing? Dang.

My crocheted items did a little better. I got a 3rd place on the baby bonnet that goes with my County Fair Best of Lot winning dress (only a 2nd place finisher at state). The first place finisher used the exact same pattern but, admittedly, hers was much better than mine.

My grandma's doily got 2nd. I entered a table runner I keep on our piano. It says "Nelson". That was eligible for a $10 cash award for best "dresser scarf". Cha-ching. Won it. I probably had the only dresser scarf entered. I'll be making another one for next year. Anyone want one? I'll make it to your specifications (as long as it is flippin' sweet enough to win a ribbon and cash).

None of my crocheted items won the coveted $25 gift certificate. There's always next year.

The rest of my knitted items all received first place finishes. I guess I can't take out my snowdrop anger out on the judges too harshly. They liked my other stuff.

I made a bunny from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Remember my mini-sweater addiction from last Christmas?

And, of course, my state fair Hederas socks. I made these specifically for the fair because I had a good feeling about the pattern. They just happened to win the $25 gift certificate for the best knitted item. Yep, that's right. I'm a state champ. Poor Carl has had to live with me talking about it all weekend. Hey, I'm a stay at home mom that has to live for some sort of recognition for what I do. STATE CHAMPION KNITTER! Okay, I'm done...for today.


  1. We haven't met yet, but I came across your blog from the Lincoln Knitters Yahoo! Group. I can't believe that a lovely alpaca scarf got beat by green muppet pelt. Ugh, can someone clue the judges in on the fact that "novelty" yarns are just that? For goodness sake, you can't even SEE the stitches on the green atrocity.

    All of your items are lovely. I think I might enter something next year.

  2. I can't believe the first-place scarf is made of FUN FUR! What is the world coming to? Were the scarves judged by a ten-year-old girl? Oscar the Grouch? Ack.

    Your submissions are great -- congratulations on your wins!

  3. I've been waiting for this post! I agree with Anne about the scarf judges and I can't believe the Snowdrop shawl only got 4th, but the rest of your work seems to have gotten the recognition it deserved. Enjoy your booty AND the recognition. I know what you mean about that.

  4. love the pix! soory about the stupid judging. i think it's def how they displayed it. WHAT EVER. anyways
    congrats on the prize for your socks!

  5. That green thing reminded me of the Grinch! Congrats on your winnings and hope you are feeling better these days.