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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Name That Virus

I haven't been feeling so well since yesterday afternoon.

I have to leave the house today to take Caleb to the Dr. for his 4 yr. appointment.

Hopefully, that's all I really need to accomplish today.


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. That's no fun being sick. There is too much of that going around with everyone. Even in the blogging world. Get feeling better soon and pamper yourself.

  3. there is a horrible virus going around- influenza A or something. its like the world's worst chest cold and flu- vomiting and diarrhea.. all mixed together. My family managed to pass it round and round for a month between thanksgiving and Christmas. i sincerely hope its not that- YUK! Lots of soup, fluids and Vit C... and rest! call me if you need me to watch the kids- i would love too!

  4. I've got some kind of mega cold thing too. No fun. I hope you feel better soon. (I hope I do too.)

  5. If you're curious about Kerry, go check my post on her blog.

  6. Feel better... there is some nasty stuff going around. Do you know what is sad? You did over 39 posts in Jan... I think I have done 39 posts in my entire blogging life. Oh, how I wish I could keep up! :)

  7. Janet2:16 PM

    I hope you feel better really soon. I've had a nasty cold for a week and a half. I actually went 4 or 5 days without checking your blog!! That's serious.