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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Looking Back

First sweater. Including bonus spelling error!

First socks.

First contest.

First baby girl. Another pic of the family.


What I used to do before I entered knitting competitions.

I love Neil Diamond.

I am the Oprah Ticket Master.

Remember Bloody Pegs? How about Eva being able to crawl and climb up on things at 4-5 months?

My first Runza.

100 Things About Me.

Classic Caleb.

My first Gold Medal.

Our first home

First Girls Weekend.

First State Fair entries.

Broken Butt. This was almost a year ago and I'm still suffering from a sore bum.

In 2007 I resolved to blog every day. I've done it so far. It has been really great to share my life with so many people. Thanks for sticking it out with me for this long! More to come...


  1. I loved looking back at those! Fun!

  2. How sweet it is...!