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Friday, August 26, 2005

Bloody Pegs

Big Apple's pirate name is Bloody Pegs. I'm seriously considering changing her blog name. Okay, maybe not that seriously. Want to know your pirate name? Click here. I'm Cutthroat Maggie. Frog: Deadeye Mullet. Sugar Daddy: Swashy Basingstoke (if I use their real names, it's not so exciting).

Here are some great pictures. We'll start with Big Apple. She's not smart enough to move her head before she falls asleep...

But she is smart enough to start climbing up on everything. Will this ever end? She's just a baby! Stop that!

And now for some knitting progress. Here is what I have done as of 5 minutes ago on the Argyle Cardigan.

And here it is just folded up on itself. I should be able to cast on for the sleeves later tonight or early tomorrow. I really can't believe how fast I'm doing this one. This is the first pattern I've done that is constructed like this. My other cardigans were done with the fronts and the back separate. I think I really like doing it this way. It will also cut down on me having to do a lot of seaming (which I really suck at).

*Note to Eric* We will be out of town Sept 24-29


  1. She a super-human baby! 5 1/2 months and pulling herself up on things?? Wow! And you must be super-human to make a cardigan like that! It looks great!
    And just in case you were wondering. . . Argh! Me name be Gunwalls Charity!
    (Who knew Guns and Charity could go together like that?)

  2. Sorry, She IS a super-human baby! I guess I was typing too fast!!