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Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Highlights

A few of the things we did today include:

1. Seeing Rhode Island.
3. Eating my Boston Cream Pie (from Mike's)
4. Walden Pond and Louisa May Alcott's home (loved it!)
5. Classic Elite's Hub Mill Yarn Outlet---spent a pretty penny on angora...beautiful angora.

I'm tired...but oh, so content. We had loads of fun.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing New Hampshire and Maine. We are going to eat some seafood and see the beach. Good times.


  1. I am sorry I overslept this morning. I really did want to meet up, but sometimes I am super lazy. I am so glad that you found something at the yarn store and it seems like you are having so much fun. Enjoy ME tomorrow!

  2. Janet1:15 PM

    Have a great drive. I love the ocean, and I assume you will get to admire it while in Maine.

  3. Janet1:17 PM

    And thank you for blogging every day. I love the daily peek into your world. Can't do without it.

  4. I'm glad you are getting some days off and taking full advantage of it!