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Friday, December 08, 2006

Pass the Doughnut

I went with a couple of friends to Skate Zone. We used to be assigned to each other as visiting teachers/teachee but when the routes got changed we decided we still needed our monthly outings--for (in)sanity purposes. I have such fond memories of roller skating. The music, the musty rink, the nasty skates. This rink did not disappoint (except with the music---too much 70's and not enough 80's).

I was never a great roller skater. But, I was competent. I could cross my feet over while turning and even go backwards. Tonight I could barely stand up. Sure, it's been about 15 years since I've skated. It's like riding a bike, isn't it? Not for me. I took a few laps around cautiously. I about fell down and started laughing. It was then I realized I had to go to the bathroom. Before I even made it there I took a nasty fall and landed right on my lower back. Whitney and Suzanne missed this. But, there were some other witnesses. It was bad enough that they didn't even laugh. They went "Owwwww!". They were right. I had to stay on the ground for a while and struck up a conversation with the two girls sitting right there so maybe they wouldn't notice I was in major pain and couldn't get up. After a few minutes I crawled to a table to hoist myself up and assess the damage. Nothing hurt except my tailbone. I'm sure it will be better soon.

This picture is a reenactment of my fall...taken by Suzanne.

I took a break from skating and got out my camera. The lighting was horrible and I'm too much of a stupid photographer to know how to fix it any better than I have.

Suzanne was the pro--skating backwards almost the whole night. Whitney was also a pro--no problem whipping around the rink. I got back out there for another lap and realized my injury was pretty serious.
I found Ms. PacMan. It was still only 25 cents to play! Woohoo. I did my best but only made it to the level past Act 1. You remember that, right? It's where Ms. and Mr. PacMan meet. Aaah.

I don't know what Whitney was doing to this game...but I took a picture!

We were going to end the night with Super Ropes. Mmm. I don't know where the rink got the ropes they had but they were NASTY! They were pink, strawberry, waxy, and left the worst aftertaste in the whole world. I think we each took 2 bites and called it good.

The extent of my injury is manifesting itself this morning. As I "sit" typing this blog, I have a package of frozen french fries down my pants and I had to sleep on my side the whole night. I was supposed to meet my new trainer today but I think I'm going to have to take a break from working out until January. I'll still probably go and sit in the hot tub. Got to take advantage of that!


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Don't you know that in the re-enactment you're supposed to be holding your knee crying, "Why me? Why meeeee?!?!" That's my internet version of Nancy Kerrigan. The Olympics just haven't been as exciting as when Tanya Harding was around.

  2. Now I'll be a big baby and cry since I didn't get to go. (ok, Matt had a meeting so I couldn't have gone anyway. . .) I think that sounds like a fabulous girls night out. But we'd have to rig the music ahead of time to make sure it's the good stuff. One of my clearest memories of skating was when videos first became popular and they had a big screen and showed "Billy Jean", we all went nuts! And I remember my friend bringing her LoverBoy album to show me! Scandelous with that butt shot (in the tight red leather pants) on the cover!! Ok, this makes me realize maybe I need a blog on skating. . .

  3. That's why you need a nice safe girl's night out to dinner! How painful is it to stuff yourself full of chips and salsa, beans, rice, flautas, spinach queso dip and a pina colada? Virgin of course! I can take that kind of pain ANY day!

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Poor Christy:( Just be glad that you weren't actually going to the bathroom when you had your fall. Now, that would of been embarrassing.

    That would of been so much fun to go skating with you guys!

  5. Think how good of a blog post it could have been if I HAD fallen in the bathroom!