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Friday, November 30, 2007

Smarty Pants

Eva had her evaluation for speech and hearing this week. The hearing test was first and she passed with flying colors. The only thing was that she didn't say a single word to the audiologists. She did everything they said but was completely silent. I was wondering how the speech pathologist was going to get her to talk. As soon as the speech pathologist got out the car and the people, she was not afraid to speak. This part was really funny.

The SP asked Eva to put the doggy in the car. It was a pretty big Scooby Doo and he didn't fit. Eva got the dog and pushed with all her might making a really great face. Like this one. Only scrunchier.

After trying for a bit she said, "No FIT!" Then she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh well!". It was pretty funny. Maybe you had to be there? At any rate, she's on track and does not qualify for services. I got worried for no reason. It was nice seeing everyone at the office again. They remember me from Caleb.

Speaking of Caleb...his teacher from last year called last night to see if I would bring Caleb in so she could show him off for the workshop she does for other teachers. This will be his second time to do it. He has made so much progress and is really a great example of how this program can work for kids on the spectrum. I took the workshop last spring and they have a lot of video footage of Caleb and other kids from his class and others that are working on the program. It was amazing to see the footage from when Caleb first started to where he is now. They have graphs in the front of the book to show what skills the students have mastered and Caleb's is almost full now. They say a typically developing child should be able to fill it in by the time they are 3 and it covers all the skills necessary to be able to learn new things (labeling, intraverbal skills, etc...). Having Caleb master most of these concepts before starting kindergarten is HUGE and will be a major accomplishment.

It is the end of NaBloPoMo. It is a little anti-climactic as I post every day anyway. But, maybe I'll win a prize? Because, really, it is all about the prizes.


  1. That is the greatest picture. What a smile! I'm glad the evaluation went well. I bet that's a relief.

    Yay for Caleb's progress!

  2. Cute stuff.

  3. Janet7:35 PM

    Eva is such a cutie. I'm so glad Caleb is progressing so well.