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Thursday, November 08, 2007

To-do List

ETA: Since 2:30pm I have not been able to do anything except keep the kids on track and go to that parent meeting. Caleb is in bed but Eva's still putting up a fight. Carl is at scouts and won't be home until 9:30pm. Doesn't look like much else is going to be done before I go.

In less than 24 hours I will be well on my way to Boston to spend a glorious weekend with my sister-in-law. I've got quite a list of things to do between now and 3:15am (when I have to leave for the airport for my 5:50am flight). This has helped me in the past so I'm going to list them all here and cross them off when I'm done.

In no particular order:

brush my hair
grocery store
decide which knitting projects to take
pack up knitting projects
pack everything else
decide whether or not to check any baggage (for possible purchases)
double check what I can take as carry on
work on items for my craft fair (which is TUESDAY!)
fix my craft fair display
Start getting my cards organized
Tag my products
Make a gift certificate for the door prize
Drink a pepsi
Fix Eva's hair good enough that it will last the weekend
put away the clothes
set out some outfits for the kids
make a list for Carl detailing when and where everyone needs to be
email Connie (SIL) to give her my cell phone number and a quick heads up on the itinerary
fill up the van with gas
Caleb's home based visit is this afternoon
Take kids to a school meeting (free dinner and childcare)- I'm the parent classroom rep
Put the kids to bed (Carl has scouts tonight)
Make taco soup to last Carl the weekend
Use an exfoliating mask (I'm getting a humongous zit right in between my eyes...perfect)
Go to Hobby Lobby to use 40% off coupons on some supplies for the craft fair
Pay bills
Get money from ATM
Play my last few codes on the McDonald's Monopoly game and hope I win something (didn't win...oh well!)
charge iPod

I better get started!


  1. Don't check any baggage, but roll up a nylon zipper duffle bag and pack it in your carry on. If you buy stuff, put your purchases in your carry on and check your clothes in the duffle bag for the trip back.


  2. Is it dorky that I really like these to-do list posts? Good luck today. It will all be worth it tomorrow.

  3. Julie-you're a genius!

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Too many things - for me at least - I would be a wreck...