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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Don't Mind the Mess

This blog will be under construction these next couple of days. Things may or may not go smoothly. Some of you may never notice. We shall see.

Here are the pics from last night at Trunk or Treat. I used my laziness in my favor and got the kids ready for bed AND trick or treating at the same time!

They were mesmerized by Bert & Ernie.

The candy is separated (some for the kids--good stuff for the grown ups!) and hidden. Thus begins the epic battle of wills. Help me!


  1. Jason has a policy about sorting through Halloween candy. Here is the system:

    1. Separate into three parts.
    -Good for kids
    -Bad for kids (gross stuff like candy eyeballs and severed fingers, dangerous stuff like jawbreakers, chewing gum because Dave will just eat it, etc.)
    -Daddy's favorite candy
    2. Throw away the bad stuff
    3. Put the good stuff back in the plastic pumpkin.
    4. Put "Daddy's favorite candy" in a hiding place for Daddy. In case you think this is stealing, Jason wants you to know that there is a lesser known rule of Halloween called the parent tax. In exchange for the costumes, carnivals and trick or treating, parents get a cut of all your loot. If Mom doesn't like candy (true in our family) Daddy gets it all.

  2. LOVE the sock monkey pjs!

  3. I liked Kori's idea of saving the candy or gingerbread houses.

    Hey, I love the new look. I know I need a face lift, but I have no time to figure out how the heck to do it! I love how some some blogs look like scrapbooks. I especially love the title part. You're so crafty:)

  4. Hollie- I was crafty enough to get someone else to do it!

  5. Very efficient, getting them ready for bed early!