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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Talk About Tuesday

I went a little crazy at the mall last night. I didn't even buy things for people other than myself. Oops.

It all started when I needed some jeans. I had purchased a new pair early last month and I loved them. I was pretty much wearing them constantly so I figured that I needed another pair. I had a coupon to use but it was one where I had to spend a certain amount to get a big chunk taken off. No problem. I could use some long sleeve tops.

I started in the clearance section. I spotted a denim jacket. I couldn't pass it up. I found a blue sweater. I tried it on. When I came out of the dressing room I got some major oohs and aahs (not even from the sales staff--from other shoppers!). Can you really pass up a sweater that makes other people ooh and aah? I can't.

Then one of the staff let me know that she had a coupon that would work better for me (I had passed my previous coupon's minimum purchase) but I had to find $25 more worth of clothes and it would cost the same amount as I would have paid with my coupon. I found two long sleeve tees that were just over $30 but she discounted them down to $25 because this lady likes me (she gave me a little bit of a discount last time I was in there, too!).

Here's the tally:

Jean Jacket
Blue Sweater
Ivory Camisole
Blue long sleeve tee
Green long sleeve tee

I got all of that for under $100! I'm feeling pretty darn good about my purchases and now I have to plan outfits for everyone else around my new blue sweater for our pictures!

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  1. Way to go!

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    That's great. I love when I can shop and not break the bank!

  3. Wow, I've never been ooh'd and ahh'd. Thats awesome. Sounds like you had a great shopping trip.

  4. I need to escape the kids one of these days and go shopping. Sounds fun even if you come home with nothing!

  5. Yes! Gotta love that little adrenalin that come from getting a super deal. And you didn't even have to be there with all the Christmas shoppers.

  6. You're my kind of shopper! Glad you found such good deals. I'll be looking for these new outfits!

  7. Oh my gosh! What a great deal. Good for you!!

  8. I gotta go shopping, shopping, shopping...! I feel those sales pulling me....