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Monday, August 20, 2007

School's In!

Caleb got on the bus this morning at the reasonable hour of 8am. Sure beats his 6:45am pickup from last year. Although, we were ready by 7am and waited outside for about 50 minutes because Caleb was pretty darn excited to be able to ride on the bus again. He spent the morning reciting the names of his classmates from last year. I'm so sad he's not going to the same school. At least he'll have a few friends from last year and one of the paraprofessionals from last year will be in his classroom. We also found out at the open house that a girl from his class in church (Caroline) will be in his class. The sick feeling I had about the school year is slowly going away. I'm optimistic.

Poor Eva keeps going to the door asking to get on the bus. I thought she might be excited to have all the toys to herself for an older brother abuse-free morning. I think she'll be ready for some serious playing soon enough. After the first couple days of trying to get back into the routine, I'm going to start getting a good schedule going for us that includes museums, trips to the Y, and playdates. Good stuff.


  1. What a cute picture and I hope the day goes well!

  2. That is a great picture!

  3. Janet9:48 PM

    I love that picture! Hug them both for me.

  4. Bella and I are always up for a field trip! Let me know if you girls ever want some company.

  5. You're so lucky! I just found out today that registration for preschool at the community centers around here was in April. Now they tell me! I'm in wait list purgatory. Is there anything worse than a bored preschooler?

    Caleb looks so cute. I hope he had a good first day.

  6. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Anyone have any tips about sending a 2 yr old to preschool? It seems to be the "hip" thing among my 2-kid moms, but registration was in February (yikes!) not to mention it seems a little early? I just think I better start watching this New Year in case she HAS to get some kid play time next year when she is 3 and we may have another baby. Hmmm....
    Megan in NM

    PS, Yeah, Girls Trip 2008! I think we should hold off until Labor Day 2008 so Mary can come without her baby-on-the-way so young (although, if I have another, I just took myself out).

  7. Julie-Awesome. I'll email you!

    Catherine-I can't think of anything worse at the moment. Sorry!

    Megan-Personally, I wouldn't send Eva to preschool yet and she's 2 1/2. We have a good enough time around here. I will probably be looking for somewhere to take her next school year, though.