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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Disaster Strikes!

I knew they shouldn't have gone camping! The other leader that went slipped on the ice and broke his wrist. Luckily, Carl took the van (and my cell phone) so he had room to haul everyone out of there. He has to go back later with someone else to go and pick up the other car. Wild. There is ice all over the place and I have to go to the grocery store today...desperately! Carl said the roads aren't too bad. It is above freezing so they are mainly slushy on the main roads. I think I might be able to make my way down to Super Target and knitting group this afternoon while the plumber is here installing my brand spanking new whirpool tub! Mama's taking a bath tonight!


  1. Yikes! Who else went? I guess I'll find out tomorrow! It was almost comical to see me out there this morning trying to get the 1/2 inch thick ice off my car to go to work. I had Matt come out to help and he was like "are you seriously going?" It was fine once I actually got the car open and got out of the driveway.

    Enjoy that tub!!! Perfect night to do that!

  2. Ahhh! What comfort in a nice, warm bath. I'll bet Carl needs one, too. I'm glad the broken wrist was the only mishap. I'm also glad it wasn't Carl!

  3. Wow, was Carl the only one out there with a cell phone? I'm glad he was able to get everyone out of there.

    It's been snowing here since yesterday. Definitely not camping weather. Maybe next month they can have "basketball camp" and set up tents in the gym. Although that's not exactly an injury free zone either...

  4. What's that doofus brother of mine taking the scouts out camping in December for? Just asking for trouble, if you ask me. I'm sure you can do that in CA...but this is NE!