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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

O, Ye of Little Faith

Here is post 995 with photographic evidence of the answer to yesterday's question. The answer was C. I finished it right before we went to bed on Christmas Eve. I didn't take the time to print out Eva's name in the same font I used for the rest of our names so I just free stitched it. It doesn't look as nice as I hoped but she can hate me for that later. I think I have a few years before she'll notice/care. By then I'll probably make some other kind of stocking. I definitely need a few years off, that's for sure.

Today we are going to brave the crowds and go shopping. I'm going to buy Order of the Phoenix with a gift card we got. We're also just tired of being at home. We need to get out of the house and do something. The kids have been begging to go in the car for days.

Only a few more posts before we reach 1,000! Here is a reminder on how you can enter my giveaway of a year subscription to Everyday Food.

  • One comment per post between 12/24 and when I reach 1,000 will get you an entry for each of those comments.
  • Link to my blog to get an entry (let me know in the comments if you've done so and a way for me to check).
  • Bonus entries for answering my question of the day in the comments. You may have to search to archives or have been a regular reader for a while to know the answer.
Question for today: Where did I go on the first annual girls weekend?


  1. Doh. The stocking looks great! And I love the post title. . .I would guess that no one got the answer right?

    I was going to get specific about where you went but I'll just say Colorado. . .

    Have a fun day!

  2. Christy, those stockings are beautiful!

  3. Wendy-about half of the commenters got it right. If I was a commenter and didn't know that I had finished it---I would have guessed D, too! I've been blogging about that dang stocking for 3 Christmases now.

  4. Carl's is the same as John's. Sorry, I said D. I just know how much you prefer knitting! I thought it might have won out.

    Girl's weekend--Colorado? Then, Las Vegas. This one will be San Antonio. Can I have extra credit? :-)

    My kids have enough gift cards if they pull together they are going to buy a Wii after they get their next allowance (and they are in stores again).

  5. Woo-hoo! Almost there! And the answer is Breckenridge, CO! I really am going to try to make it this year....boy howdy do I need a break!

  6. once again searching was required, but I think the first one was to CO. :-D

  7. Breckenridge, CO

  8. Breckenridge, CO and I was there! It was great!

  9. Sorry for the lack of faith-the stocking looks wonderful and 'high-five' on finishing it at last! The first weekend was in Colorado. Someday, I'll manage to come to one.


  10. love your stockings!
    i love that caleb liked the care bears what a cutie!

    i think your weekend was las vegas.. at least one of them were.

  11. Breckenridge, CO!

    Awesome stockings! Ours are the kind you buy with a fabric pen and then write your name on them. Rusty's is the only one that came with a glow-in-the-dark pen and the rest are glittery gold. I guess that's the penalty for being last born. Mismatched stocking lettering.

  12. Breckenridge CO !!!! Hope to go this year :)

  13. Love the stocking - I am muy impressed!

    I have no idea where the first girl's weekend was - but I love the idea of one!

  14. Hey! My comment disappeared! I guess my computer is haunted. Anyway, you went to Breckenridge, CO.

    Those stockings are darling. No wonder it took you till now to finish Eva's.

  15. I don't really know what is going on. Your stockings look great.
    ...And Breckenridge, CO, cuz' I was there. Oh yeah!

  16. Maybe I should of read all the post before I answered on the previous post about the stocking.

    They look good!! Nice Job!

  17. Breckenridge Colorado!!!!!!!