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Monday, December 03, 2007


We were spared the brunt of the winter storm that passed through here over the weekend. We had some ice on Saturday morning and then just a little bit of snow yesterday. Caleb and Eva decided to take advantage of our slick deck yesterday before church and they did a little skating.They zoomed around the deck while I snapped these pictures through the door. Caleb didn't really fall down in this next picture. He was just playing like he had a hurt knee so Eva would come over and kiss it. She's a good little nurse.

I was hoping I would have news of lots of prizes that I won over the weekend! Oh well. I missed out on a NaBloPoMo prize and all of the Design Mom giveaways. I'm still waiting for word on the Dish Rag Tag prizes.


  1. How sweet! Taking care of her big bro :O) My little guy got up on sunday morning and right away had to go outside to shovel...(even though we aready did the night before). It was really cute to watch him stomp around with big boots and a shovel!

  2. Kids and snow -- what a fun combination! I remember snow forts and snowball fights.....