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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Amelia Island Getaway

Last year Carl spent a week at Amelia Island in Florida. He went for a conference. We decided against going as a whole family because it seemed like a place that we would like to go as a couple. After spending time there, he agreed. There are golf courses, shopping, restaurants, and the ocean! Did you know Amelia Island was voted one of America's top ten islands?

I saw this opportunity on Pay Per Post so I thought I would share since Carl enjoyed his trip so much.

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Here are some of the things Carl listed about his time there.

1. It doesn't feel too "touristy".
2. He loved waking up and looking out his window at the canopy of trees.
3. Lots of trails for hiking.
4. Nice beaches for walking.
5. Warm water for swimming (you can rent boogie boards and stuff, too).

He's not too big on shopping but when I asked him if there was good shopping he said there was. I'll just have to take his word on it...or convince him to go back there. This time, I'll have him take me!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Christy, My Dad lived there and that is where Stewart was born...It is a beautiful island. We went down there several times while Dad lived there. It isn't a good kid beach, very steep drop off once you are in the water.
    We did have fun playing in the sand. I have the pictures to show for it.
    It sounds like a fun trip.