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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Short blog today. I'm not feeling so great. Carl made me some oatmeal so I'm at least good enough to get out of bed to check my email and blog. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to church today. We'll see how I feel after I shower.

You still have today and tomorrow to enter my giveaway for the magazine subscription. I'll draw the winner on Tuesday.

Here are the details to enter the giveaway for my 1,000th post.
  • One comment per post between 12/24 and when I reach 1,000 will get you an entry for each of those comments.
  • Link to my blog to get an entry (let me know in the comments if you've done so and a way for me to check).
  • Bonus entries for answering my question of the day in the comments. You may have to search to archives or have been a regular reader for a while to know the answer.

I see that my question yesterday was too easy. Most of you didn't even have to go and look in the archives! The answer was: The Count of Monte Cristo. Love love love it.

Today's question: What is the first recipe I ever posted on my blog?


  1. Hey, I've been thinking that I should get double points since I seem to be the first to comment then everyone can steal my answers!!! (Hee, hee, you'll at least consider it right?) so, I'll leave my answer in cryptic form again, it's cbc.

    And hey, I'd say, if you're feeling cruddy, just stay home and practice on guitar hero!!

  2. Corn bread casserole?

  3. It's so hard not to cheat and just copy previous commenters, but I actually did go back and check, and the answer is Corn Bread Casserole. It sounds good...i might have to try it one of these days!

    And I am sorry you don't feel well. I hope you get better soon!

  4. Corn Bread Casserole.

    I hope you don't have the stomach stuff going around here. I live in fear it will come to my house!

  5. I have no idea. But I use your crazy bread recipe at least twice a month now!

  6. corn bread casserole 12/2/04 wow I love that google and blogger are best friends :-D

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)